What do #NeverTrumpOrHillary do now?

This is, by far, the worst election prospects in decades. Either you must vote for (covert racist, classic opportunist, dangerously disingenuous, war hawk, elitist, entitled, flip-flopper, and uninspiring) or you can vote for (overt racist, classic opportunist, dangerously disingenuous, demagogue, flip-flopper, sexist, womanizer, non-intellectual). As you can see, these are fantastic choices. People that we can be very proud of as our standard bearers of the two major parties in the United States of America. Bravo – get the champagne and the champagne glasses!

In all seriousness, this may be the most life altering election for anyone who is adamantly and objectively opposed to the two candidates. It has been portrayed to us that we must vote for the lessor of the two evils, and as the media contends that is Hillary . I disagree – they are both utterly flawed to the core of their soul (well, they don’t have a soul, but you know what I mean). For someone like me, I am fervently opposed to both candidates and cannot, in good conscience vote for either. A vote for Hillary is a vote for an opportunistic, war-hawk who lacks any human compassion or a vote for Trump is a vote for an opportunistic, bigot who has no morals – therefore, neither are worthy of my vote. So what do we do now?

The media would not like you to focus on the two other candidates in the race, because despite how flawed Hillary is they are petrified of Trump. They have repeatedly spun the argument that any vote for a third party candidate helps Trump. That if you are a , then any vote not for Hillary is basically a vote for Trump. I beg to differ. The only time a vote against Hillary is a vote for Trump is if you actually vote for Trump. You cannot be responsible for the outcome of an election that disfavors Hillary unless you voted FOR Trump. Further, if you are eligible to vote then you are constitutionally permitted to vote for your choice. This is not a dictatorship as the media would like to project. If we have learned anything from this primary season, we have learned that the system is corrupt as is, we have all been sucker punched by the establishment (media and politicians) and if we don’t fight against it now that we are aware, then when will we. Therefore, allay your conscience and fears about being responsible for a Trump or Hillary win – it’s their fault for being so flawed. 


It is time to pay attention to the other candidates for President, as well as focusing on down ballot candidates. I listened to and Jill Stein on their policy positions and I find both much less morally bankrupt than the two on the top of the ticket. However, Jill Stein aligns very well with my ideology as a . Jill Stein is running on the Green Party ticket. They are the new progressive/liberal party that has defected from the Democratic Party that has become a moderate Party. As a Bernie supporter, she is the next best thing to me. Gary Johnson is a libertarian candidate. He is also a defector, left the Republican party or claims they left him. Libertarians welfare and education policies make them disqualifying to me; however, there are some that may find Gary Johnson as a viable alternative. 

The most important thing right now is that those of you that feel completely hopeless and uninspired, remember this election is about choices. and even Trump have exposed you to the truths about this rigged economy and system we live in. While Bernie was never a beneficiary of the corruption and Trump was, they both opened our eyes to the truth about the country we live in. Now it’s time for you to refuse to be victimized any further. It’s up to you to assert your rights and stand up for what is right. This is not about one moment in time, this is about a lifetime and how will history judge our decisions. 

Remember how many people voted for Iraq War, i.e. Hillary Clinton, at the time it was a semi-popular thing to do because of the created Islamophobia by the Bush Administration.  Now, over a decade later, George Bush cannot show his face in public or he may suffer from citizens arrest for the casualties and atrocities he caused. Those who supported it are literally toxic poison that have vanished from the public, except shameless Hillary. However, that one decision at that time seemed popular and those opposed may have suffered backlash for disagreeing, but now the decision to invade Iraq is the most unpopular thing this country has ever done in our lifetime. Do not get caught up in emotions or popularity. Be true to yourself and your beliefs and a decade from now you can look back at your decision and say: “Thank God I had nothing to do with this“, like those who opposed the Iraq War. 

If you are a Liberal, Progressive, please check out Jill Stein and her positions. Get behind someone you can be proud of like Bernie makes us proud. If Bernie runs as an independent, I’m voting for Bernie (I think it’s too late though to get on the ballots); you can also write in Bernie Sanders. If you are a Republican you may wish to consider Gary Johnson, but I don’t think his weed smoking will appeal to you; however, he doesn’t seem racist, believes in limited government, two term Republican Governor in blue state; you can also write in a candidate, it seems that some still want  or . If you are truly then you have options and you DO NOT have to vote for any candidate you do not agree with. Pay attention to the down ballot candidates as well and vote for candidates up and down the ticket you can believe in. It’s no longer about Democrat or Republican, it’s about country and conscience.

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5 Comments on "What do #NeverTrumpOrHillary do now?"

  1. Thanks for this article. I’ve been so depressed about Bernie not getting the nomination. I knew the DNC was not going to give it to him. I can’t vote for Hillary ever or Trump. I’ll check out Jill Stein. But I agree that I have a choice and they can’t take my choice from me. I’m standing strong. Thanks.

  2. Trump doesn’t really want to be President. I’m convinced he just wanted to help his businesses. Hillary wants it more just for her own personal gain. I’ll never vote for them. I started checking out Jill about a week ago. I like what she stands for, but can she get on the ballots? Right now I’m writing in Bernie but if he endorses Hillary I am going to Jill Stein.

  3. Thanks for this! I know I wasn’t voting for either of them, but I’m glad to hear others saying it also. We have choices, it’s not just them.

  4. In his speech tonight in DC, Bernie Sanders stated “I’ll use my executive powers” to address inequities in immigration. He’s still planning to go all the way.

    Now, here’s hoping they hurry up and count those 2.5+ million votes in California that are still piled up from three days ago:

    “From the California Secretary of State, 2,586,331 ballots remain to be processed, consisting of 1,801,816 vote-by-mail ballots, 705,489 privisional ballots, and 79,026 “others,” which are described as ‘ballots that are damaged or ballots that could not be machine read and need to be remade, and ballots diverted by optical scanners for further review.’ Updates will be posted at http://vote.sos.ca.gov/unprocessed-ballots-status

  5. That allays several of my concerns actually. But agree that it is a choice between just those two. It’s not a choice between other candidates.

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