WATCH: Trump warned us about him years ago!

We saw a video of Trump where he says that if you are disloyal to him, he states he will get even and he loves it. It makes me feel really sad for Jeb Bush right now – not! You reap what you sow. However, what worries me about Trump is who is considered disloyal. Is it the people who said they’d never vote for him? Is it the media commentators who have made him angry? Is it the Congress that has failed to back him like previous candidates? Will he go after Speaker Ryan too – not that I would give a damn. But who are those people he believes are disloyal?

As we stated on our show, Trump has fascist tendencies like Hitler and Mussolini. He does not like any dissent and those who do are as good as dead. Look at how he tortured Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly. Look how he dismantled Jeb Bush and the entire Bush family. Look at the media covering his campaign that are basically running for their lives because of Trump mob. Look at how he turned foes like Rubio and Cruz into pitiful puppy dogs. Look at all the conservative commentators, bloggers, writers that are receiving death threats for opposing Trump. Protesters were beaten up for merely opposing Trump. He wants complete submission. He warned us of this before, which you will see in the video below.

What we all must understand is that we are all one step away from getting on Trump’s very sensitive side. His view of loyalty is so skewed that he thinks he can abuse a person and they must forgive him without any apology. A mere slight or deviation from his core talking points (Trump is the best, best, best, ever) will be immediately rebuked and punished. Do you really think you or anyone else reading this is immune from a Trump wrath? Reality must not be an afterthought anymore. This guy is VERY dangerous!

If you watch this video and are not scared of the thought of a Trump presidency then maybe you deserve to live in a tyrannical society, but it’s not going to be the United States of America. Making America Great Again starts by repudiating people like and Donald Trump!

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2 Comments on "WATCH: Trump warned us about him years ago!"

  1. OMG! He’s crazy!

  2. I’ve never seen a person like Donald Trump until this campaign. His supporters scare me. They worship him and I think that if he loses they may start doing dangerous stuff. This guy has to be stopped though. He is crazy!

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