TrumpCare is the Train Wreck we knew it was!

Look, everything Trump touches or advocates is tainted for life. is no different. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; the AHCA (a.k.a. TrumpCare), is completely despicable. This isn’t my opinion only. Liberals are clearly being opposed to for obvious reasons, there are Republicans who are opposed to it as well. However, before you conclude they are opposed to TrumpCare based on its ramifications on the average American, they oppose it because it’s actually to humane for them.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report on Monday, March 13, 2017, analyzing TrumpCare and unfortunately for the very disingenuous Paul Ryan, the bill is a disaster. It is projected that 24 million people will lose healthcare within 10 years(2026). Fourteen (14) million people will lose their healthcare by 2018. That isn’t 1400, that’s 14 million. The top five insurance companies will save $64 million a year. By 2018/2019 the average premium for the average policy holder is going to rise about 15%. Senior citizens will pay a significant amount more while those younger pay a lot less.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price who was hand picked by him, now alleges that the CBO report is wrong. Interesting, especially because he championed for CBO when was in the White House. It must also be noted that the CBO is impartial and independent. However, Trump and his administration cannot accept the fact that what was supposed to be Trump’s signature legislation is turning out to be his biggest nightmare. TrumpCare will affect Trump’s base the most, but despite this harsh reality Trump has endorsed and supported the bill.

Trump said he had a very good brain; he will hire the best people; he’s the only one who can fix our problems; he would make sure everyone had health insurance and so on and so forth. All of that was a LIE. He doesn’t have a good brain, a person with a good brain would recognize this TrumpCare bill is a disaster! He cannot hire the best people; his people either perjure themselves, operate as foreign agents, can’t draft an Executive Order without getting beaten up by the courts. He cannot fix our problems; he doesn’t know what the he’ll he is doing and he’s causing us more problems. He most definitely won’t make sure everyone is covered; he barely knows how many pages the TrumpCare bill is, do you think he knows or cares who will be covered.

Trump supporters will soon realize that they were conned by the biggest con man to run for office. TrumpCare will start to open eyes.

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2 Comments on "TrumpCare is the Train Wreck we knew it was!"

  1. I call it Trump Care and everybody else should call it that. Drumpf thinks he’s slick. This is his bill..

  2. Great piece!

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