Trump University Scam is Indicative of Who Trump Is

For those of you who are unaware of the lawsuit against relating to his now debunked University – Trump University – well it’s a scam for sure. Essentially, Donald Trump ran this business called Trump University from 2005 to 2010. The business was supposed to provide those who took the course with inside knowledge of how to become the next Trump Real Estate Mogul. However, what people were paying for was worthless material that comprised of information a fifth grader could research on the Internet. The process was the people would register for a class and then in that class they would be encouraged to pay for more classes. In some cases the person lost $35,000. 

Trump was sued in California and New York as a result of this fraudulent scheme. Trump further attempted to rebuke the notions that this was a fraudulent scheme, he releases a highly questionable video as well which shows a host of characters that are directly affiliated with The Donald. Donald Trump, who refuses to accept responsibility tweeted some controversial things about the Judge in his case, as a distraction from the issues surrounding the fraudulent “University”.

These tweets from Donald Trump were clearly sent in an effort to bully the judge in the case to grant him Summary Judgment or for the Judge to recuse himself because of perceived bias. However, these tweets show a character flaw that should be a deterrent for anyone wishing to be  elected President. Trump, instead of settling the case, instead of showing the requisite humility to those he has wronged, he uses his current power to attempt to bully the Judge to dismiss a totally credible case at the expense of the victims. Trump does not care about anyone but himself! He doesn’t care about depleting the resources of another family as long as it enriches his. Do you really think he can put this country before himself as President? If you do then explain what you basis is for presuming this? His  narcissism precludes him from showing empathy or from ever admitting he was wrong. He has an aversion to the word “sorry” and victimizes anyone that complains about his victimization. He has attacked the Judge in his case as a “Mexican, which is fine” (If it’s fine why bring it up) to stir up the anger of his racist base so hopefully they bombard the judge with hate mail and death threat like every other fallen challenger. He literally put the Judge’s City in his tweet, which is a form of mafia-type intimidation – “I know where you live”! 

Trump fucked up! Instead of admitting he did, he is using the bully pulpit to circumvent his obligation to face the music. He speaks heavily about law and order, but essentially in Trump world that applies to anyone that’s not a Trump. You may read this and say that it’s a legal case, he should not accept fault and has the right to defend himself. He does have the right to defend himself if his defense is not meritless. Trump has a meritless defense. His business posed as a University and it was not a University. They promised secret and exclusive information that would help them succeed in Real Estate, but it was worthless information easily ascertainable by a well-trained monkey. They promised the people were hand picked by Trump and they weren’t nor were some even qualified enough to teach how to screw in a lightbulb, let alone a real estate course. The constant seminars and encouragement to buy more courses was a scheme to sell people a dream they knew was unascertainable. They promised the people would meet Trump upon completion, contrarily they got to meet a Trump poster board. Further, why would Trump give prospective future competitors his secrets so they can potentially compete with him? In addition, is there proof that even one person actually succeeded using his course? Name one “University” where not one person ever succeeded after “graduating”? 

Therefore, Trump lied to these people by luring them into his “University” on the false premise that they would pay for something exclusive that could help them become successful in the Real Estate business but essentially what they were likely paying for was to get Trump out of debt. That’s fraud. While he isn’t facing criminal charges and the result of his case will likely be monetary consequences, but nevertheless, the fact that he ran a business like this is very telling. Interestingly, the way he’s run his campaign is eerily parallel to the way he ran Trump University. Both were successful based on myths and Donald Trumps self-absorbed behavior. The harsh reality is that he does not have the character necessary to become President. He lacks the empathy and compassion, not to mention the requisite knowledge or temperament. His overt and covert supporters need to wake the HELL up! SOBER UP! THIS GUY IS A FRAUD!


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6 Comments on "Trump University Scam is Indicative of Who Trump Is"

  1. Trump is a complete fraud. I can’t believe people are voting for this guy.

  2. This is Republicans problem. This guy is a con-man. Trump University was the biggest scam and his supporters are literally clueless. The problem is he can beat Hillary.

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  4. I think this is why Trump doesn’t bring it up anymore. He knows the more he talks about it the more people will want to know more. I liked the post.

  5. Sharp thinikng! I agree. He runs his life like he ran that University.

  6. Like it or not, Trump is president you dumbass Hilary loving Jews!

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