The Trump Spasms Are Going to Backfire

Let me preface this article by saying this, I despise . I feel he’s inept, erratic, impulsive, deranged, narcissistic, bigoted, misogynistic, dishonest, authoritarian, fragile, a demagogue, xenophobic and suffers from every possible phobia. I do not believe he is qualified for the office of the President and any forthcoming resignation will be applauded by me. I am part of and proud to be. However, every unpresidential thing he does cannot become the subject of such immense media and public scrutiny and chastising.

Every single time Trump tweets something that may be disrespectful or petty, the media and the resistance are outraged. The perplexing thing about this outrage is that it is based on expectations that Trump has shown us repeatedly he cannot meet. Why are people outraged because he said Arnold Schwarzenegger had low ratings? While it’s an immature statement and very petty, it’s undeserving of outrage. Why? Because if the goal is to gain some Trump supporters to join the resistance, which we need to force to hold Trump accountable, then they cannot think that he’s constantly antagonized over trivialities.

Whether we like it or not, converting Trump supporters to the resistance is vital. Politicians make decisions based on what they think will get them reelected. If they need a corporation to spend money to help their reelection campaign, they will advocate that corporation’s interests. If they think supporting Trump will likely result in losing an election, they will work to take him down. Any competent person would fight for their survival first over anything else. These GOP members can’t survive an election or reelection if Trump supporters start to turn on him and they continue supporting him. Therefore, to get these supporters to abandon Trump, they can’t feel he’s the subject of trivial scandals. It backfired in the general election and will backfire again.

Stop blowing everything he does out of proportion. It’s important to oppose those things that affect our democracy like healthcare, Russia, domestic policy, civil rights, foreign policy, constitutional violations, pay to play, conflicts of interests, and broken promises. To render Trump an impeachable President, he must first be rejected by his base. His base will reject him ONLY when they feel he cannot or won’t fulfill his campaign promises. Therefore, to defeat Trump and Trumpism, we must first figure out the most effective way to show his followers he lied to them. The best way to do that is to stop throwing tantrums every time he does something you don’t like. Not everything he does is worthy of outrage.

If Liberals continue to oppose everything he says and does, his supporters will protect him. If they protect him then he stands to get reelected. It is important to know when to yell “hit me” and when to yell “stay”. Overplaying one’s hand is a gamble that can and likely will backfire. Relying on common sense applicability must be foreclosed. His supporters think based on emotions, not common sense. They need to feel he is bad, not that he is a victim. The more he’s chastised, the more they embrace him. Therefore, the Trump spasms.

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5 Comments on "The Trump Spasms Are Going to Backfire"

  1. I just said something like this to a friend, I think that we need to become more strategic because Trump wants people to get upset over nothing sonwhen something big happens he says it’s not true. I hope we don’t make this mistake.

  2. Its so hard not to hate him so much. I think that is why people get upset about everything he does. He is so hated.He lost the popular vote. People do not like him and will resist anything he says. I think it will be hard to stop when he is so hated. I agree Dems could hurt themselves by doing it also.

  3. I think I agree with you here. I can’t live with another Trump term.

  4. Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact very entertaining.

  5. CarrieDemison | June 21, 2017 at 1:57 AM | Reply

    Trump does so many things that it’s hard not to criticize him. I think people complain because he can’t control himself and no one can control him. I hope people don’t stop caring about the things Trump is doing. It s wrong and we have to keep speaking up.

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