Donald TRUMP pimped GOP base to become a full of shit Establishment Dude!

One thing people loved about is this false perception that he cannot be bought. I mean after all, all the evidence pointed to that, right? Let’s see, hmmm….every dime he gave to his campaign was a loan, which he will get back now that he is the nominee. The money he raised in donations was about $12 million, not his own money. So essentially, Trump has not and will not likely spend a dime of his own money this election season. Bravo to him if he can do it and get away with it. The question remains will he get away with it?

After becoming the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump admits he will be fundraising with the GOP to raise about $1 billion. See here.  He admits he will not be self-funding any further; therefore, what does this do to his overall message to his supporters? The guy who repeatedly stated that he was “self-funding my own campaign” and got huge round of applause from his supporters, do now that his central alluring theme was really a total fugazi, total fraud, and a total sham. He was never self-funding a damn thing! This was a business transaction for Trump. He loaned his campaign money he can and likely will get back, with interest. Think about it, if they raise $1 billion for his campaign, then in addition to all the free media coverage and the branding of his businesses, the celebrity status, he gets a free ride to the White House.

How does he raise $1 billion without taking corporate money? Are his GOP base going to fund it, the same base that has raised just $12 million for him the primary season. Is he going to shamelessly ask supporters for money after telling them he didn’t want their money?  Obviously he won’t do that. He will find a way to spin this into he’s still not being bought, that it’s really him taking $1 billion to save the American people, oh…better yet, he didn’t want to take the money but his campaign said he had to because Hillary will spend like $2 billion. His supporters won’t ask why he isn’t just using one billion of his own money to continue to self-fund..he is worth $10 billion right? I mean that is what he said…he’s built a wonderful company; he started off with a little itsy bitsy $1 million loan and turned it into a $10 billion company. If that’s true and his cash-flow is amazing, spend $1 billion on your campaign!

Worldwide Free Shippping

Either he thinks he can’t win and doesn’t want to spend that kind of money to lose (which makes sense) or he doesn’t have it. Either way, he’s going to become a pimp for his special interests. He’s going to do what he always does which is look out for himself. He doesn’t give a damn about his constituency and will get into office and be a standard, typical politician. If he can’t stay firm on his signature appeal, “I’m self-funding my campaign“, which hence means I can’t be bought and I’ll fight for you, then why would any sane person believe he will build that wall and get Mexico to pay for that “fucking” wall. How will he deport millions of undocumented people, you know them, “the illegals”. How will he repeal and replace Obamacare with something way better? How will he stop businesses like his own company from outsourcing jobs to “Mexico” and “China”. How will he build up the military and take care of our displaced veterans – oh, he will have fundraisers and never turn over the money to them. How will he stop Muslim people from coming into the United States…oh, he’s going to have some kind of arbitrary ban.

This guy is full of shit! He has played on the outrage of the American public, especially those GOP detractors, against Washington and establishment and used that outrage to lift up his brand and family. It’s the greatest phenomenon in politics while simultaneously being the greatest fraud. What said about is completely parallel to Trump. He will say anything and change nothing. Trump is a Con!

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5 Comments on "Donald TRUMP pimped GOP base to become a full of shit Establishment Dude!"

  1. He’s been full of shit from day one. His supporters don’t care though. We live in crazy times.

  2. He’s such a fucking liar! He’s lied this whole time but Trumpbots are so fucking stupid! It’s bullshit he keeps getting away with his lying. I hate him. Our country should be ashamed.

  3. Bullshit! This is just a Trump hit piece!

  4. He’s totally full of shit! He’s using this campaign to build his businesses. He’s always been establishment.

  5. People knew that from the beginning. I still can’t believe he is the president. He has been lying from the start.

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