Donald Trump Has to be Broke

will not release his tax returns. He has provided different reasons about why he hasn’t provided them. I think, at least at this point, he’s saying it is because of this mysterious audit that no one can verify is transpiring. He has stated that he is “really rich“; however, it is hard to verify the truthfulness of his contentions. Why? Because he won’t release his damn tax returns. Why won’t he release his tax returns is the crux of  this article. We believe is broke.

My theory is pretty simple – Trump is broke. If Trump had documents that could prove his net worth, or at least the amount of money he makes per year and those documents reflected him being this billionaire worth $10 billion, YOU ACTUALLY THINK TRUMP WOULD NOT SHOW IT! He would likely pass his tax returns around to every person that came to his rallies. Are we to believe that the most narcissistic person in political history is now the most modestly humble person when it comes to proving his success. Think about it, Donald Trump is the king of braggadocios, he has stated numerous times how rich he is, but despite the doubt people have openly stated about his wealth he won’t purposefully defeat those presumptions. Sorry, that’s not the Trump I have gotten to see this entire election season.  Trump is narcissistic to the core, while being very insecure about his wealth and image. His entire image is predicated on being the standard bearer for wealth and excess. However the only thing we know that says he is rich, is Donald Trump himself. There has not been one credible shred of evidence, besides Donald Trump’s words, that supports any notion that he is a billionaire, let alone a multi-billionaire. 

If Trump was a multi-billionaire, then why can’t he self-finance his campaign throughout the duration of the process? Why is he fundraising so quickly after becoming the presumptive nominee? Why did he loan his campaign all the money he invested in his campaign, except about $250,000? Why did he have two donate buttons on his website? Why has he not hired a real campaign team? Why does he use free services, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to advertise, primarily? Why won’t the most narcissistic, bloviating person on earth not release his tax returns? Now they are stating that his campaign is running out of money; how is that even remotely possible when the guys net worth is over $10 billion? Further, it is reported that his property in Canada is in debt and that debt has not been paid.

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While I do think he must be a millionaire or have access to millions of dollars, but deductive reasoning clearly infers that he’s not as rich as he claims. Trump, is a master chess player and the King of taking risks. He’s made a calculated decision not to release his tax returns because  it is safer to not release them than it is to release them. Because if he’s not a billionaire, that could be the ultimate deal breaker for many of his followers, at least the non-racist ones. While, the crazy racists will jump off a bridge naked for him, those in the media and general rational public will lose significant interest in him if he is not the billionaire he claims he is. There is nothing more deflating to a child than for them to realize Santa Claus is not real. The same thing applies here. It’s not that they won’t respect that he is rich or financially comfortable, but they will not feel remotely as supportive when they feel less inspired by him. People will feel duped. The mainstream media will no longer cover him like the fans they are. He will face greater scrutiny by the media and general public. He will become the biggest fraud to ever run for President. 

Trump will likely wiggle out of releasing his tax returns by saying something like: “I was going to release my tax returns until the mainstream media tried to bully me. Like I said folks, no one controls Trump.” If he does something like this, his ardent supporters will actually protest him if he ever releases those tax returns. This type of response insulates him from ever having to be exposed for being a guy who isn’t as wealthy, not even close, as he claims. I guarantee you if he does say this, the media will move right on along. Let me be clear, this is unprecedented in the last 40 years of elections where a candidate is refusing to release tax returns before the election. This is the guy who said Romney should release his tax returns and also said, before he ran, he would if he ran for president.

He won’t release them because the guy is broke; not paycheck to paycheck broke, but he’s not a billionaire is my guess. I believe his businesses are in debt or likely not as profitable. If I am wrong, all Donald Trump has to do is release several years of tax returns so we can figure out how much he makes a year, who he gives to, what’s his tax rate, does he pay taxes…I want to know it all. I will happily eat my words if I am wrong, but I doubt I will be. Trump isn’t that rich guy you think. Billionaires aren’t investing in steaks sold at Sharper Image. Billionaires don’t file for bankruptcy multiple time for similar mishaps. Billionaires don’t need to run fraudulent universities to make money. Billionaires don’t miscalculate the market and invest in the mortgage business right before the housing crash. Billionaires don’t have difficulty continuing to finance a campaign. Like Mark Cuban (billionaire) said about Trump, his business history shows you he was doing things because he was desperate for money and that Trump does not have the money to run.

Therefore, for those of you who are voting for Trump because you think his “success” as a business man is indicative of how he’ll run this country – you might want to rethink that success portion of your belief. At a minimum, you should at least want to confirm whether what you believe actually matches the facts; that’s done by demanding he release his tax returns. Until he does, there is more evidence that he is broke than there is that he’s a billionaire. 

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5 Comments on "Donald Trump Has to be Broke"

  1. Wow! I never even thought about it. He’s a poser. I bet he isn’t even a billionaire. The sad part is he’ll get votes regardless. Ppl don’t read anymore it seems like.

  2. I hope he doesn’t get elected. He’s dangerous!

  3. Funny other articles are now saying the same thing. He has to prove the things he says or why do people vote for him.

  4. I agree. I never thought he was a billionaire. I heard what Mark Cuban said and it makes sense. But to Trump fans it doesn’t matter they will vote for him even if he’s homeless at this point.

  5. I agree. That’s why he won’t release his tax returns.

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