Trump is dancing around Immigration like a Lifetime, Lying, Politician

If you are anyone in the world who has heard a Trump rally, one thing that you will always hear is: “Build That Wall” chants over and over. It was Trump’s supporters way of reiterating their pleasure with the one policy of Trump’s they held dear. They believed he would rid the US of this alleged infestation caused by all the “illegals” hopping over our border and raping and killing everyone within a five foot distance. They believed that he wanted those “others” out too, just like them. You know the supporter I am referring to by now – the one that didn’t complete grade school, lives in low-income housing and getting government benefits, barely can articulate a full sentence, smells like they haven’t taken a shower in weeks, smokes like a chimney, drinks at the bar during the day then at night attends an Alt-Rt meeting with similarly situated people. These are the people that have zero qualifications but blame minorities for their failures in life. However, their hero, their voice of frustration, , just sold them out on the one thing that mattered the most – kicking those “illegals” out. Building that wall, Mexico paying for it, and getting illegals out was paramount to the Trump campaign, well it was until now.

Recently, Trump in a town hall, with his buffoonery buddy Sean Hannity, took a poll of the crowd about how to handle illegal immigrants. (By the way, I must say, polling a crowd of town hall supporters to determine policy seems very Trump-like). Many supporters believed that Trump should work out something with those who have been here for a very long time and were upstanding members of society. Interestingly, Trump stated there was room to soften his hardline stance on immigration. More shockingly, he said it on Hannity who may be the only thing left stuck to Trump’s ass, but he despises “illegals” and wants them gone from the US. Trump later tried to retract his earlier statements when he was interviewed by Anderson Cooper; however, he did further damage and it seems he’s cancelled his rallies post interview to keep him from doing further damage. His surrogates are back on television attempting to explain his policy and they still seem confused. Nobody knows what Trump’s immigration plan is now. 

Some of his supporters was very angry about it:

Then other’s mocked him like Rush Limbaugh

While people may consider this ever-changing immigration policy to be more humane and practical, it’s not a new philosophy of Trump. As a matter of fact, his original stance on deporting illegal immigrants was very similar to . Trump went told TMZ, in 2015, the following:

Trump tells TMZ,  he’d create a “system of merit,” saying people here illegally should have “a road to legal status” if they work hard and contribute to the country.

His supporters decided to believe whatever he said at that moment. None seem to have done much research before blindly following his scampaign. He used their racial anxieties to win the primaries; once he realized that the racists in US are such a small minority of the overall population, he decided to abandon them and pivot to what is politically expedient. He’s a politician that never cared about his base. If they still feel he is going to build that wall after his recent deviation from the deportation force, then let them. Stupidity should not be rewarded with sympathy. However, the truth is, Trump will follow, as he has said, what President has been doing all along – how does that sit with his supporters now that their supreme leader plans to govern immigration like that Muslim, from Kenya, posing as a United States President. Ha!

Trump’s been lying to his base, it didn’t start with immigration. He relies on their stupidity which protects him when he flip-flops, gaffes, or says something racist, bigoted, and/or incoherent. He knows they are gullible enough to stick around because they don’t know their ass from their elbows. He told them in the beginning that he bought politicians, was part of establishment (But he conveniently retired as an insider once he decided to run), supported amnesty, used the system to benefit his businesses; and they actually thought at 69/70 years old he miraculously wanted to jeopardize his insider status that would affect his businesses, for these supporters he doesn’t want anywhere near him. Trump never wanted this hardline immigration stance, that’s why he refuses to allow New York Times release the recording from him discussing how he has no intention of building a wall or deporting millions of people. But, if any Trump supporters are reading this, hear me well – he just humiliated you publicly. You do not matter to him, he’s a typical politician, dancing around issues trying to survive until after Election Day. Think about it!

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3 Comments on "Trump is dancing around Immigration like a Lifetime, Lying, Politician"

  1. He’s a fraud! People should know that by now. He never cared about his supporters.

  2. I laughed so hard reading this. I hope Trumpers read it too. These people got scammed.

  3. What is the easiest way to get this article to Trump – LOL! He said he was a Nationalist, what happened to that. Is he still building the wall? Is he still planning to deport 11 million people? No-one knows what he believes and he doesn’t know what he believes. I’m sick of Trump. He needs to be destroyed this election.

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