The Absurdity of The Election Coverage This year

I was never a complete fan of the mainstream media and for a variety of reasons I have been skeptical of them. However, this election season has confirmed for me every reason to have this skepticism. It’s actually no longer skepticism I feel, it’s now completely pure resentment. This election season coverage has been so obnoxious that not one “journalist” can claim they have a shred of dignity left. 

It’s so obnoxious that soon they will be covering whether Hillary heard Trump fart at a debate. Headlines: 

“MSNBC confirms they smelled a suspicious odor during the debate”. 

“Trump states it was whose fumes MSNBC smelt.”

“Did Trump lie about farting at the debate? A Gastroenterologist says yes.”

In all seriousness, what the mainstream media has done this election season is completely reckless. They put ratings before country. They put ratings before combating bigotry. They put ratings above encouraging intellect and oral sophistication. They put ratings above truth and veracity. They put ratings before journalism. They put ratings before conviction. They literally put ratings before everything that resembles integrity and human decency. 

Networks like MSNBC have so many analysts on their network that it is beginning to look and sound like Fox News or a Trump owned network. MSNBC’s new slogan should be: “if you want the real story, don’t come to us!” CNN will forever be known as the News Network but also as the “We cover Trump 24/7 pretending to hate him, but drop his name every 3 seconds for ratings”. They cannot interview a candidate without asking about Trump. Same with MSNBC. Fox News is so the same dishonest network it has always been. A prerequisite to work there is to hate ‘s black ass so badly that every accomplishment he makes you need to be willing to undermine his black ass. They are not worthy of more discussion frankly.

The rise of Trump is largely caused by the media and their constant lovefest with Trump. Now that he’s the GOP nominee many have tried to change course and attack him now only because they are secure he’s the nominee and this makes for an exciting election. However, only Fox News, during the primaries, had even the slightest audacity to challenge Trump during that time. MSNBC and CNN both being essentially SuperPacs for , actively encouraged the rise of Trump by giving him an unprecedented amount of free coverage. They wanted his nomination because it was good for business. As long as they have Trump around, they can keep covering his every word. They want Hillary to win, but needed Trump to win nomination so they could keep cashing those checks based on covering Trump. Once he became the presumptive nominee, now they wish to pretend they have a conscience because now he’s threatening to become the next President based on their pandering and ineptitude all for ratings. 

Currently, they are reporting a debunked conspiracy theory, revived by Trump, about Bill Clinton in the 1990s. While they pretend it is in an effort to discredit Trump, they are really pushing a very desperate news story in an effort to cover every stupid thing Trump says. While I dislike what the Clinton’s stand for, I do not support inaccurate stories being paraded as newsworthy. 

The media has a lot of explaining to do. They covered Trump empty podiums while ignoring a speech by . They covered his every word as he basically did an infomercial after one of his victory primary performances. They covered his live speeches. They interview him every day no matter what absurd thing he says. When they do find information that can be damaging to Trump, they report it, then kill the story – i.e. Taxes, John Miller, Treatment of Women… The coverage this election season has been subpar. Journalism is over and radio has taken over. Integrity has no meaning, while greed and corruption is rampant. If people care about the truth, it’s time to turn away from mainstream media and watch alternative and underground networks that will stand for something and deserve to be rewarded for their courage and conviction. Every single time you watch MSNBC and CNN you give them viewers and viewers help ratings and ratings give them more money. They need to reassure the public they stand for something before they deserve the support of the masses.

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