TALK: What pisses me off about this election Season

In this episode we will discuss some of DICESI’s frustrations this election season. Dicesi discusses the six things so far that enrage her and why. From Trump’s playing on racial tension to HillaryClinton constant screaming. RAW AND REAL! Must listen!

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4 Comments on "TALK: What pisses me off about this election Season"

  1. MSNBC has been a real disappointment. They turned their back on progressives just because of money. I don’t watch them anymore.

  2. Hello – we’re watching this from the UK in he UK media.

    Everyone is laughing and scared at the same time. Laughing a the hype he heaps on himself and scared of the ashes the planet will be in quite quickly if ever he got control of nukes. He’d probably name the first nuke the Trump Torpedo.

    What actually alarms most of us Brits is that the USA is capable of even considering such a man. Our politicians are much kinder to us as they slice us to pieces and stab us all in the back. Pres. Obama was a bit of a washout so we all hope you lovely Americans don’t have a national brain-freeze and accidentally elect this bloke.

    The trouble is your only way of stopping him is with Hilarious Clinton – the future’s getting bleaker by the minute – even seen through the ultra posh reporting of the BBC.

    All the best and thanks for this – Andre

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