TALK: Honor Trump and slap Trumpcare on AHCA!

slaps his name on a board game, hotels, water, magazines, steaks, wine, mortgage company, vodka, a fake university, clothes, airline, boat, shuttle, but wants us to refrain from calling the his bill. The truth is the bill is . More accurately,

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4 Comments on "TALK: Honor Trump and slap Trumpcare on AHCA!"

  1. The AHCA is his bill. It is Trump care. I agree if he thinks he can get away with it hes wrong.

  2. it aint his bill and he didnt write it so kiss his ass! hes your damn president and getused to it! he aint going no where anytime soon so call him Mr. President. Hater!

  3. Great Show! Keep it up!

  4. Trunp claims that the bill needs more heart. They are about to pass it in secret. I’m tired of them all.

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