TALK: Donald Trump Used The Alt-Right and Spit Them Out

HOT! In this episode, DICESI will in depth about the division between and the Alt-Right/ White Nationalist movements. Trump striking Syria has drawn great disdain from them. The new target, by White Supremacists, of the Trump team is Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, but they are also mad at Trump. DICESI also surprises you with a message to the Alt-Right and White Supremacists at the end of the show. Great Episode! Must Listen!

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2 Comments on "TALK: Donald Trump Used The Alt-Right and Spit Them Out"

  1. This episode is hilarious. I just subscribed to your website. I think the Alt-Right never saw Trump coming. I think Trump knew he would let them go once he had what he wanted.

  2. They still support this guy……LOL. what idiots!

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