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TALK: Trump’s Fascism and Rigged Election Explored

#Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election is rigged. In this special episode DICESI destroys Trump’s narrative of a rigged election. Also discussed in this episode is Trump’s fascism tendencies and why he should never be President. DICESI offers a fair analysis of Trump’s rhetoric with criticism of #Hillary…

Hillary will win the election, but she already lost!

Hillary will win election, but she already lost! On November 8, 2016, #Hillary Clinton will become the 45th president of the United States of America and will be the first woman president of this wonderful country. Usually, that should be very monumental and gratifying to see our country take that…

EXPOSED: Trump’s Very Long CON!

I’ve said, many times, #Trump NEVER wanted to be President. He wanted to win, but has no appetite to govern. He showed throughout his campaign that he was disinterested in familiarizing himself with policy, refuses to stay on the issues, utterly lacks basic insight into his own policies, trafficked in…

Angry Trump has gone on a dangerous tirade, Again!

#Donald Trump has this fascinating ability to get extremely angry with people he feels even remotely slight him.  Typically instead of attacking them to their face, he resorts to using social media to give them a swift piece of his very sensitive mind.  This past week angry Trump  has attacked the…

Trump is running for President to lose the election

Those who have joined the delusional TrumpTrain are the easiest to con and #Trump is running the biggest con in our lifetime. His supporters truly believe he is actually running for President because he actually wants to “Make America Great Again,” but really he has no intentions of becoming President….

It’s official – TRUMP AND PENCE – unhappy Trump

From #Donald Trump introduced Indiana Gov. Mike #Pence as his running mate on Saturday, calling him “my partner in this campaign” and his first and best choice to join him on a winning #Republican presidential ticket. Skipping the traditional massive rally in favor of a low-key announcement in a…


MUST LISTEN: In this episode, DICESI will break down the VP choice of #Donald Trump, Mike Pence and whether this pick was a mistake. DICESI will also dissect the recent terrorist attack in NICE and how to avoid demonizing Islamic people.

Hillary pay attention – THIS is why Berniecrats are so angry!

Those who support Hillary presume that those of us who do not are likely mentally challenged, one step away from an insane asylum; lack rudimentary political knowledge; must be a freeloader or looking to freeload off of the government; unworthy of respect from the elitist average #Democrat,  #DNC, Hillary supporter….