TALK: STOP IT – Trump Joint Session Speech Not a Pivot

A lot of people are trying to say Trump was presidential in his speech. In this episode DICESI debunks those pundits who say Trump pivoted. is a sociopath. Anyone who believes Trump’s speech was a success for Trump have become conned by the biggest scam artist in politics.

Listen to “STOP IT: Trump Joint Session Speech Not a Pivot” on Spreaker.

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4 Comments on "TALK: STOP IT – Trump Joint Session Speech Not a Pivot"

  1. I just listened to your show for the first time and its really cool. Keep it up.I’m a liberal and always looking for more liberal talk shows. You bring a really tough angle and I like that. Good Luck.

  2. I agree. Great show. Frumpy will never change. I hope they impeach him because he need to go. No more drumpfs!

  3. All these idiots keep saying he changed. WHERE? I can’t see a change. The guy is crazy..I get scared for this country. Also, I like your show.

  4. We are forming a resistance group of volunteers. Your show is inspiring. Keep it up! Resist Trump.

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