SHUT UP Media you need Trump!

The media would like to pretend that they are completely appalled by Donald Trump. The truth is that without him, their ratings would plummet. Even those who oppose him are still intrigued enough by him to tune in; therefore, the media cannot help but to relentlessly cover him.

They attempt to mask their ‘ratings only agenda’ by having random commentators and pundits rebuke him on tv. However, what they are truly doing is ensuring that good or bad they will proceed with talking about Trump.  

Look at the difference between what Mr. Trump receives in free airtime, verses what the other candidates in this election cycle receive:

If you didn’t pay close attention you would not even know there are other candidates running for president. However, to the media’s credit they do try to give the other candidates 1 (one) minute of airtime for every 60 (sixty) minutes they cover Mr. Trump. The hypocrisy of the media is revolting. 

The media must take responsibility for the rise of Mr. Trump. Their non-stop coverage of his antics and theatrics is the precise reason why he’s embedded in our subconscious. For those of us that like to watch the news, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that Main Stream Media is a sham. It’s a total farce. It has become talk radio with mostly pundits and commentators. We are certain we will not hear the news anymore because these news networks are TNN – Trump News Networks! 

Therefore, SHUT UP media with your alleged outrage with his statements – YOU LOVE IT! Stop these convention conspiracy theories you are fabricating in order to keep the attention span of us simple-minded. Stop acting like you are just reporting what’s happening, because I can assure you that there is a lot more going on in the world than Donald Trump. The more he insults the “disgusting”, “dishonest”, media, the more they cover him like emasculated monkeys. 

With all that said, I get why the media does it. CNN, MSNBC, and FOX are all businesses. Their main agenda is to make money. Trump is the biggest draw in town this election cycle. However, stop pretending to be outraged by him! You cannot afford to report news anymore because if you do, your ratings will plummet! You have now set a precedent – no one will watch your networks unless you have constant buffoonery.  You need Trump more than he needs you. So SHUT UP Hypocrites – you created this and you cannot go back now.

Are the Media Hypocrites for Condemning Donald Trump?

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  1. I only watch the news go Trump honestly

  2. He is so rich, He is the emmdoibent of all that the Father is… and today I enjoyed Him as the One who Fills All and In All! And as we enjoy Him, we become His fullness! Ephesians 1:23 says, [the church] which is His Body,

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