Shots Fired! Donald Trump threatens Cruz over Melania ad!

sent a tweet on March 22, 2016 saying something very threatening to .  He threatened to expose Ted Cruz’s wife:

Now, you are probably wondering what prompted Donald Trump to post this tweet, it all started with an ad about his wife. A group calling themselves , run by a conservative woman named Liz Mair, shows Melania Trump’s British GQ photoshoot with her posing nude:

Melania Trump

Ted Cruz responded saying:

I do not trust Ted Cruz, one of the many things I dislike about him, but if he did not send that ad this was an unfair shot at Ted Cruz by Trump. Whomever is behind this ad though has started a war that may not end well at all. Things are getting pretty juicy right now with the GOP warfare!

However, I wonder what Trump knows about ? Is it scandalous enough that Trump knows if he releases it that will demolish Ted Cruz? I can only speculate here, but I think there might be some “bombshell” Trump has been holding onto until he feels he needs to expose it.  Did Heidi Cruz pose naked somewhere that we do not know about? Did she cheat on Ted Cruz? Is she into weird orgies and sex games?  Does she have another child somewhere by another man? Is she a drug addict? Does she know that Ted is actually the ? I am sure private investigators are seeing this feud and setting up plan to dig up whatever it is Trump knows about Heidi.   Now, the truth is that Trump likely does not have anything  on Heidi Cruz that could harm Ted Cruz.  I doubt whatever he would expose would be as sensational as the nude photo shoot. He likely made this up because people like me will be sitting here actually taking the bait. Regardless of whether it is true or not,  things are going to get crazy over the next few months. Stay Tuned!

What does Trump have on Heidi Cruz

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