SHAMELESS – MSNBC You are not Slick! We see you!

SHAMELESS MSNBC thinks they are slick. They have slowly and meticulously changed the demographics of their network while changing their political stance in the process. They think that people will not notice if it is gradual or, alternatively, people may get mad at first but eventually adapt. I say – HELL NO! I will not adapt or accept this sudden shift that is driven by their infatuation with everything Trump and Trump related. 24 hours a day they discuss nothing but Trump just like Fox News and CNN. This isn’t a critique of Fox News as they justifiably cover their own party. They are openly Conservative and/or Republican and don’t pretend not to be a bunch of nutty bars one step away from an insane asylum. CNN has never had a soul so there was no expectation that they would find one. However, MSNBC used to care about liberal and progressive politics. They used to be on the side of most of the US, until lately. 

They’ve removed, demoted, and/or misplaced many minority anchors and replaced them with almost all white correspondents. Even Fox News has more minorities than MSNBC. They cover the Republican Party and everything about them, consistently, for ratings only – not for conviction. They pretend that they are obsessively covering Trump, like the chumps he’s made them, in the spirit of newsworthiness. It’s newsworthy to repeatedly cover him bloviating, blundering, and babbling? I’m not oblivious to the realities at hand, such as the benefit of covering Trump, consistently, as a business. However, where is the shame with these media executives – “Do you have ANY shame?” This is a man who has relentlessly attacked them and the actual foundation of their business. He has gone after their colleagues and denigrated millions of Americans. Nevertheless, MSNBC shamelessly covers him endlessly with recycled Trump scandals. 

In addition to MSNBC being exposed as a “not so” progressive network with their obsession with Republican politics, they have also been exposed as a more discriminatory organization than Fox News in terms of their diversity of anchors, correspondents, and reporters. Take a day off and watch MSNBC, count how many minorities you see on the network. Larry Wilmore made a joke at the White House Correspondents Dinner which labeled MSNBC as “Missing a Significant Number of Black Correspondents”. It’s not just missing black correspondents it is also missing Latinos and Asians as well as other minority populations. 

It is not just their shift in demographics and politics, but it is also their refusal to cover equally and fairly.  Their constant coronation ceremonies and campaigning for , at the expense of millions of Bernie Sanders supporters was intentional and deliberate.  Candidly speaking, Fox News gave better coverage of Bernie Sanders than MSNBC.  Fox News while being a very crazy news network, they understand what their constituents and the general electorate this season want and they recognize that the rise of Bernie Sanders should not be undermined.  MSNBC was to busy campaigning as Hillary’s and Trump’s Super Pac that they completely neglected the ONLY progressive in the race – BERNIE SANDERS!

I’m a lifelong liberal, progressive; however, as I get older I realize that the current party elites, in this form, are not very different than Republicans. Just like they reach out to minority groups or the disenfranchised during elections just to get votes, networks like MSNBC reach out to sprinkles of minorities to pretend to be diverse. I’ve lost all respect for MSNBC as have other like-minded people. I no longer prefer them to other networks. They’ve become just like every other network except they can’t get a similar ratings – it does not pay to be inauthentic. After this election, whatever damage they have done by promoting a race-baiting, xenophobic, narcissistic, misogynistic candidate, under the guise of outrage, will not remove the damage they have caused to the liberal and progressive movement. They do not deserve our viewership as we should not promote their devious motives. I think Lawrence O’Donnell may be the only one at MSNBC that will salvage his soul after this election season, because he did not sell it just to get on the . It seems like lately Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes are starting to find the light again, but for the most part MSNBC is constant, nauseating Trump obsession, while purging the network of minorities and simultaneously changing into the dominated network. 

MSNBC we see you, don’t think we haven’t noticed you! You sold out! SHAMELESS!

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4 Comments on "SHAMELESS – MSNBC You are not Slick! We see you!"

  1. Finally! Finally! Seriously. I thought I was alone on this. I don’t even know why I watch them anymore. As much as I don’t like CNN, I watch them more now because I’ve lost faith in MSNBC. I also watch TYT which is the only progressive network. Great article. Glad someone said something.

  2. I stopped watching them. I couldn’t stomach anymore torture. Great piece.

  3. MSNBC has changed. They went full corporate and shut their doors on the liberal agenda. I stopped watching them and watch CNN. I noticed that MSNBC has more Republicans on there than Democrats.

  4. SUPERB Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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