Ronda Rousey Cussed Out Paige VanZant … Says Miesha Tate |

It is being reported by TMZ that Ronda Rousey went ballistic on fellow UFC superstar Paige VanZant at a VIP party — using the fuck word frequently. I guess Ronda did not take lightly that Paige congratulated Holly Holm’s who beat Ronda’s ass until she went into hiding for awhile. I mean she got an all-American beat down.


“According to Tate, Ronda was seeking her out at the party — furious that Paige would “cross her” by congratulating Holm after she beat up Ronda back in November.

Miesha says Paige was shocked — because she hadn’t ever seen that side of Rousey before. Tate says she’s never been a Rousey fan … and wasn’t surprised by her behavior. “

Ronda needs to realize that nobody is scared of her anymore.  The mystique was completely lost once Holly knocked “shit talk” out of her mouth.  Holly Holm’s served her a huge piece of humble pie; therefore maybe she felt so embarrassed that she wanted to pretend to still be that “Ronda Rousey”. Chill Out Ronda, nobody cares anymore!


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