Pervert Conservative on Trial for Child Molestation

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Simcox is representing himself in his trial on six counts of child molestation and furnishing pornography to minors, although he’s not allowed to question the children he’s accused of abusing, reported the Phoenix New-Times.

Linsey Randich, now 33, testified that she spent summers with her father in California, as part of a custody agreement after her parents divorced when she was 2 years old.

She told jurors that Simcox, who was then a kindergarten teacher at the private Wildwood School in Los Angeles, had fondled her genitals while hosing her off after swimming at the beach — even though she was 10 years old and old enough to clean herself.

Randich said her father again fondled her genitals four years later, while she was sleeping, and she told her mother she did not want to go back to California to see her father, but her mother said she couldn’t do anything to change the custody agreement.

Los Angeles police investigated her claims, and Randich was placed in a foster home and then returned to her mother, and she eventually decided not to cooperate in the investigation because she did not want to testify at the time. Read it here 

Ok, we all can say that we have heard stories of sexual proclivities from members of both parties; however, this pedophilia and child molestation crisis is starting to seem like a trend for Republicans perverts.  What is it about these alleged God-Fearing people, who claim to be about liberty, freedom, family unity, etc… seem to have a hard time not taking this family unity thing to far.  I am not saying that Liberals are free from scandals, but typically the scandals aren’t child molestation and incest. After this election season I am starting to look at the cross-eyed.  Is it time to make sure that our children are not left alone or anywhere near a Conservative? Is it time to have them evaluated for sexual deviancy? Is This Conservative movement really about masking deep sexually challenged individuals? What the hell is going on with them?  Don’t forget, even has made some sexually suggestive comments about his own daughters. Just…Ugh!

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  1. What occurred after?

  2. People act like they can’t be perverts too.

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