Pack it up Kasich – You are done!

Look John Kasich, on the surface, seems to be a pretty decent guy. However, when you delve into his tactics this primary season, it makes you rethink his decency. Kasich has won one state, Ohio, and has amassed a whole 143  Delegates out of 32 contests. He is almost 1100 delegates away from getting the nomination – Hurray! At this point he needs more than 112% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination. That’s mathematically impossible; therefore, WHY THE HELL IS HE STILL IN? He can’t win! 

If you have listened to Kasich’s very defensive interviews, he has no justification for staying in the race other than the polls that say he is the only Republican that can beat Hillary in the fall. Yeah, I get it – you can’t even beat your own party candidates, you have peanuts as delegates, but you should be nominee because of polls sampling like 500 people at a time – YEAH, OK Kasich. The truth is that the GOP establishment have secretly coalesced and decided to divide up the delegates for the purpose of denying Trump the nomination by keeping him from getting 1237 delegates. Kasich has said this, inadvertently and explicitly, in multiple ways. He presents this idea that he will eventually be the nominee, but the question remains, how? He cannot win on a first ballet at a convention; therefore, he is waiting for a second ballet and then he plans to steal the nomination. I would not be surprised if they are attempting a Cruz and Kasich ticket. But, more importantly, would Kasich stay in if he thought it would be the first ballet that determines the nominee – no; therefore, he must know that there will be a second ballet which means they are trying to steal the election.

What Kasich is doing is undemocratic and corrupt. His actions embody everything that is wrong with Washington and why people despise politicians. He has literally 143 measly delegates to Trump’s 736; it’s impossible that he can even get close to the amount Trump has now. He’s so far behind the race you just want someone to pick him up and drag him to the finish line. He’s literally running in one spot, not moving anywhere and literally thinks he’s gotten to the destination. He’s wasting valuable media time because in an effort for them to look balanced, they have to cover him; however, he’s so boring that media slips him in like he’s a commercial. 

Someone needs to handcuff him to his bed post until after the Republican convention. Put him in a room and just pour a lot of confetti on him and make him think he won anyway. But he has to go, like now! It’s time to pack it up Kasich – you did your best; however, this isn’t your time. Just get out!

How many more delegates will Kasich get?

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2 Comments on "Pack it up Kasich – You are done!"

  1. Hilarious. Love it

  2. I agree. He’s gotta get out. What is his plan?

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