Orlando massacre is being politicized by Trump

First, let me say that the Tragedy in Orlando is unspeakable – we pray for the families and friends and we pray for our country. The worst thing about a massacre is that many politicians use these tragedies for political advantage. They have no concern for the plight of the families suffering. They use it to stir up their base with propaganda and anger to feed their own political agendas. I’ve personally had enough of it! 

, decided to use this massacre as an opportunity to promote his lethal and incoherent racist agenda against “Muslims”. I presume some reading this will say that Muslim isn’t a race – true, but when he’s referring to Muslims he’s referring to Arabs. He’s referring to Muslims born abroad, typically Arab. Please stop pretending like he’s just referring to the religious aspect of it. It’s an ignorant proposition. Trump has used several minority groups as scapegoats for his political agenda. He failed, miserably, to mention anything about homophobia, nor did he condemn the homophobia. However, it must be noted that this is the largest massacre in US history, perpetuated by a deranged man with guns he should never have had.

Look at his tweets:

As stated by Huffington post, Trump lacks empathy. Imagine tweeting saying that you were right about massacre. Who, in their stable mind, would brag about foreseeing mass murder. Further, the part Trump emphasizes is the Islamic aspect, not the underlining cause which is homophobia. He offers shallow condolences without viable viable solutions. He reiterates his discriminatory ban on Muslims as the only solution to a home grown, America born, Muslim. For the record, while his stupidity is seeping, a ban on Muslims does not prevent the tragedy in Orlando. The murderer was born and raised right here in the USA. He operates by creating fear in the gullible Americans that are looking for someone to be angry with. But where is his outrage for the LGBTQ community? Why hasn’t he discussed the gun epidemic we have in the is country? He chose to attack the issues that would stir up his base, not the issues that were the most prevalent. He cannot discuss the tragedy to the LGBTQ community because Republicans hate gay people.  He cannot about gun control because Republicans don’t care about protecting lives over gun regulation. Therefore, he picks the most unrelated controversial issue to chastise as opposed to stating the truth. He has no consideration for the affect his comments have on other groups or the families that have been traumatized by this barbaric murder spree.

Trump is unfit to be president. While he sits their insulated from consequences because he has security 24/7, he spews hatred and venom that can get us all killed. He jumps to conclusions, fails to do research before speaking, fails to grasp the issues; and pushes conspiracy theories. He doesn’t understand the issues, he lacks the depth of understanding on things that are of great concern to national security. He’s utterly uniformed and has absolutely no form of humanity in him. He doesn’t mind politicizing a tragedy as long as it supports his incomprehensible foreign policy. He’s an isolationist who has no understanding about the vast cultures in the United States. His anti-intellectualism campaign stirs up hate and disdain for “others”, while he secretly negotiates with those “others”. He’s a complete opportunist who should not be allowed within 500 miles of the White House. The loss of life should never be politicized. Real people were senselessly murdered by an insane man and their families grief wasn’t even respected by the FrontRunner of the .

Don’t let Trump politicize murder to advance his interests. Tell Trump TO DELETE HIS ACCOUNT!

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3 Comments on "Orlando massacre is being politicized by Trump"

  1. I can’t stand him. I don’t like Hillary as much either, but I’ll vote for her instead of him. He doesn’t have any reserve. It’s such an embarrassment.

  2. Trump is the biggest shit head. I can’t understand why anyone votes for this crap.

  3. I think he has no idea what is going on at all. He is so dumb I started to tell friends he has some kind of mental illness. He doesn’t care about anyone at all. He says the dumbest things. I wish he would just go away. When he loses this November I hope that’s the end of his type.

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