The NRA and Republican Corruption

Only in the Party can there be a lobby as powerful as the that can supersede the will of the people on any gun decision. What is more disturbing is the fact that this level of control over Republican Senators is blatant and conspicuous and accepted. 

The NRA has 5 million registered members as of 2013. The United States has over 320 million people, which means the NRA only represents such a minute fraction of the country, specifically less than 2% of the population. However, despite their microscopic membership, they manage to control the entire Republican Party which is required to make decisions based on the best interest of the country, not the best interest of the NRA. 

Since 2015, there were 50,000 gun crimes. There have been 372 mass shootings in 2015 alone. On June 12, 2016 the United States suffered the greatest mass gun murder in history and the greatest terrorist attack since 911. Forty-Nine (49) people were massacred by a crazed and deranged mad man who had no business within 70000 miles of a gun. Nevertheless, in a moment of pure barbaric madness he went on a shooting spree with a high powered rifle that can cause massive carnage rapidly. This was a man who was on the terrorist watch list and later dropped. However, regardless of a terrorist watch or no-fly privileges, a prospective terrorist may still buy a gun. The logic the NRA uses to justify this is that it violates due process to refuse a person on a no-fly classification from buying a gun. Yep, essentially they are arguing that human life and the necessity to protect human life does not Trump the rights of a prospective deranged mad man that wants to kill as many people as possible.

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Here is what the NRA fails to comprehend, thereby making all the Republicans void of comprehension as well, the right to keep and bear arms is not absolute. That right does not supersede the other rights in the constitution. Republicans cannot have selective constitutionalism. For example, the First Amendment precludes the Government from interfering in religion – hence, the obsession with Islam and Muslims is in direct conflict with the constitution. The first amendment allows for free speech; however, speech is also limited – you cannot go into a crowded theater and yell fire when there is no fire. You cannot tell someone you will kill them. Essentially, nothing is absolute in the law. The law constantly evolves and do so to reflect the times. There was a time in our history where women could not vote. Black people could not go to school with white people. It was permissible to own slaves. Think about it – the law evolves.

The NRA pays millions of dollars to buy these Senators, some who are attorneys, to pretend as though they do not understand the fundamentals of legal analysis. They know that their position is not legally sustainable; nevertheless, they are so mired in corruption with the NRA that they cannot even dig themselves out. They know that sensible gun legislation does not preclude law-abiding, non-mentally ill people from buying and having guns. No one is trying to abolish the 2nd Amendment, they are trying to abolish mass murder. 

There should never be such open and blatant unchecked corruption in our government. What kind of country do we live in? Do we really live in a society where elected officials can vote against they people who elected them so they can support an organization? Is it that easy to buy politicians and if so, why are they still elected? If Americans are sincerely looking for a government that truly works for the people, then you cannot – EVER, vote Republican. We must take the country back because if not these corrupt politicians will bleed us dry. They will continue to watch as their own constituents get killed by mass murderers and they collect checks for reelection campaigns. Republicans are corrupt. They have proven their true colors. Now, what do you plan to do about it?   – vote them out!

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6 Comments on "The NRA and Republican Corruption"

  1. I hate the NRA. I do not have a problem with them being an organization if they’d get out of government, but they are up the governments ass. Guns may not kill people, but stupid people with guns do. If we can’t get regulations on guns after the mass murders in this country, then we are a failed society – period! #NoFlyNoBuy

  2. The NRA is the Republican safe haven for poor candidates. They are literally the NRA’s puppets. A lot of these Tepublicans don’t care about guns. They just vote to keep NRA happy. It’s time to crush the NRA.

  3. The NRA is corrupt. There should be a referendum on them this election season.

  4. Totally Liberal | June 27, 2016 at 9:32 PM | Reply

    I think that it’s Democrats job to make sure Republicans don’t get reelected. What’s wrong with the DNC and why can’t they get candidates elected. Also, for a long time Democrats didn’t have the backbone to take on the Gun lobby. Democrats also helped feed this NRA monster, now it’s their job to starve it to death. Get the NRA out of government.

  5. I agree that Democrats must make sure that Republicans lose. It is their job if they truly want reform.

  6. nobody is gonna take our guns. stop blamming the NRA

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