No He Didn’t! Did Donald Trump just say that?

Donald Trump, the Republican front runner, has taken to twitter, over a period of time, denigrating Megyn Kelly, the host of the 2nd most watched show in cable news – The Kelly File. Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly have been in a serious feud since the very first Republican debate hosted by Fox News. That debate brought in 24 million viewers. It was one of the highest watched debates and/or program in recent modern history, outside of sports. During that debate, the exchange between Megyn Kelly asked Mr. Trump about derogatory terms and statements he has made, in the past, about women. Specifically, she referenced statements like: “you’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dogs,’ ‘slobs’ and ‘disgusting animals.'”

Nevertheless, Mr. Trump took great offense to the fact that Ms. Kelly was stating specific words Mr. Trump has spoken. Since this debate, Mr. Trump has had a very unhealthy way of expressing his frustration with Megyn Kelly for some time now.

However, today he asked his 7 million followers to boycott Ms. Kelly:

Further, this is not the first time he has attacked Ms. Kelly, it is just the most recent. Here is a ‘short’ list of tweets Mr. Trump has sent about Ms. Kelly:

While there is nothing wring with Mr. Trump despising Ms. Kelly and vice versa; however, is this what a future president will look like in the United States of America? Will journalists be called ‘crazy’, ‘sick’, and other demeaning names if they challenge him? Will reporters continue to tread lightly when they question him? Even if you support Mr. Trump, you cannot support this dictatorship type politics. Ms. Kelly has the right to oppose him and as a leader he has the duty to act more polished in his responses to the criticism.

What do you think? Let us know.

Should Trump leave Kelly alone?

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2 Comments on "No He Didn’t! Did Donald Trump just say that?"

  1. I’ve watched this for awhile. I think it is getting ridiculous. He’s trying to be president but he seems very thin skinned. I like how Megyn has handled herself in all of this. She’s not afraid of him.

  2. Piss off! She is a total bimbo! Liberal Hack!

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