Mitt Romney is Running for President – 2016!

Mitt is playing a very devious game.  He pretends that his main agenda is to derail Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination.  He reemerged during this election cycle, after virtually being a ghost, to fervently condemn the same man that he was endorsed by in his “failed” presidential campaign in 2012.  His very first condemnation came on a Fox News program where he alleged that Mr. Trump’s failure to release his tax returns was likely due to the fact that there was a “bombshell” in his tax returns. Subsequently, he went on twitter and attempted to lure Mr. Trump into releasing his tax returns:


Subsequently, he gave a press conference on March 3, 2016, which you should watch.  Throughout his speech he went on a verbal attack against Mr. Trump. He called him a phony, a fraud, and not a successful businessman among other things. Subsequently, he went on many major networks condemning Mr. Trump.  However, when he was asked to endorse a candidate, he would not.  He endorsed John Kasich in Ohio before the primary, campaigned for him; then after the primary in Ohio, he has now posted that he is endorsing and voting for Ted Cruz in Utah:

Even after he endorsed John Kasich for the primary in Ohio, he later writes that the only person who can thwart Mr. Trump’s chance at the nomination is Ted Cruz.  However, Ted Cruz needs more than 70% of the remaining primary votes to secure the nomination.  As calculating as Mitt Romney is, I am quite confident that he is aware that it is virtually impossible for Ted Cruz to get the requisite delegates, 1237. Therefore, why does Mitt Romney want to encourage a coup against Mr. Trump.

Let’s face it, Mitt Romney has been running for President as much as Track stars run track. He continues to run, but contrary to track stars, he does not win. Despite losing the presidential election just four years ago, that does not deter him from continuing his failed attempts at becoming president. Mitt has not endorsed any particular candidate to become the nominee for the Republican party, he has only endorsed candidates for specific states. Why? Because Mitt is part of that establishment, that people hate, who are desperate to maintain power and control. They take advantage of the voters to ensure that their special interests and lobbyist continue to get richer while the poor and middle class get poorer. The two leading candidates for the Republican nomination are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, both anti-establishment candidates. Both candidates are loathed by the establishment; nevertheless, some are willing to swallow their own tongues, and support Ted Cruz in an effort to stop Donald Trump. However, if Mitt was seriously trying to get another candidate to be the nominee, he would be pushing for that particular candidate to get as many delegates as possible, not just enough to thwart Mr. Trump from the nomination.

Mitt Romney wants to be president! He believes that his only hope to become president is to steal the nomination at the convention. His plan is that none of the candidates will get the requisite delegates and; therefore, he can creep through the back door at the convention. Do not be fooled by him claiming that he is doing this to preserve conservatism, if so, he would firmly and unequivocally support Ted Cruz, but he is not. He made a calculated decisions that makes sure nobody has a claim to the nomination and he can broker a deal for himself at that convention. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that I am at least 47% correct as my binder full of facts supposes this to be true. GIVE IT UP MITT – YOU FAILED!

Is failed Mitt running for Prez

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3 Comments on "Mitt Romney is Running for President – 2016!"

  1. I cannot stand Mitt Romney. But I think he could be trying for nomination at convention. He hasn’t endorsed anyone on purpose. He would look like a contradiction.

  2. I take issue with your criticism of Mitt Romney. He’s an upstanding man who stood up to a bully. I think he could beat Trumpkin because he believes in conservative principles unlike Trump. But he has said HE’S NOT RUNNING! So unless yu can read his mind, you don’t know if he is or isn’t.

  3. I support Trump. I think Mitt is a liar and fraud. He wants to be Prez and he won’t be. That’s a fact. He lost before why let him lose again.

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