Megyn Kelly sold her soul, no longer a hero for women

People may look at this interview between and as a “good thing”. It absolutely was not a good thing and the  respect I had for Megyn Kelly has evaporated and most women should be disgusted by her capitulation to Donald Trump who didn’t have the decency to apologize for his endless abuse of her. She said, out of her own mouth, that she was getting death threats from Trump supporters. Trump encouraged boycotting her show, he called her a “bimbo”, “crazy”, discussed her menstrual cycle, said she was untalented and overrated.  

Despite his constant abuse of her, she desperately went to Trump towers basically begging for his forgiveness. Now, after months of reckless and abusive comments from Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly (not Trump), tries to bury the hatchet. What message has she now sent to all the woman who supported her, the ones who admired her, the ones that defended her. She sent a very troubling message to not only those who were her anchor, rock, during this period, but she nurtured a domestic violence narrative. One where a man can be so abusive to a woman and then she’ll come crawling back begging for forgiveness. 

What Megyn did not understand is that people liked her because of the strength she exuded as a women. It was refreshing to see a woman who had the strength to dominate and challenge men without any hesitation. She WAS that woman. Now she is a sad and sorry excuse for a leader or renegade. She sold her soul for ratings and knelt down to her master – Donald Trump and set women, in this fight, so far back. She should have continued to make Trump kick rocks. She didn’t show the strength of character or conviction. She sold out! I no longer respect her. To me, she is symbolic of everything that is wrong with inequality. She is a facilitator of the inequality by abiding by common stereotypes and undermining the resilience and strength of woman. 

Stop putting her on covers of magazines. She doesn’t deserve any further accolades. She has become toxic to the cause for women. 

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4 Comments on "Megyn Kelly sold her soul, no longer a hero for women"

  1. I was very disappointed in her. He was so abusive to her and she went to him first. She’s trying to act like she’s still going to challenge him, but she’s afraid of him. I’m not a fan anymore.

  2. She blew it! Completely blew it. She was kissing his ass so much I forgot it was the same Megan Kelly he was beating up. She played herself! He just looked like nothing even happened. She lost so much respect that her career is not going to take off like she thought. After a couple minutes I couldn’t watch anymore.

  3. She should be fired! What a disgrace.

  4. I don’t watch her anymore. She’s a libtard and so is every Loberal. Trump was right about her all along.

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