Make The “N-Word” A Completely Powerless Word!

The word “nigger” is the most powerfully offensive word in the world. Once used by a non-black person, it immediately means the person who used it is a racist. Racists use it because it makes them feel better about their miserable lives. They believe, as famously said in Mississippi Burning, “If you can’t be better than a “nigger”, who are you better than.” No matter how poor they may be, they’ve always felt better than a black person and that’s more important than their own personal progress. Black people use it, frequently, as a term of mutual understanding of our unique plight. It’s a term of endearment in most circumstances, when used between black people. Other minorities use it at times because they either are part of the hip-hop culture and friends with other black people or they are attempting to feel superior to black people.

The use of the word “nigger” has evolved over time. It was initially a translation of the word “negro” which means black in Spanish and Portuguese. It later became a hostile word used to describe black slaves. It justified the belief in black inferiority. During the 1868 election they would pass out political articles using the word “nigger” to argue why blacks should not be allowed to vote. During the civil rights movement and segregation, the word was used frequently to dehumanize those blacks fighting for equality. It currently means black trash. Therefore, it is not a meaningless word and I am in no way arguing that it is. However, it is time to take the power away from those who use it to demean us as people.

White people are using it so frequently these days and we are becoming increasingly more emotional about it. It’s time to stop getting emotional or internalizing their hatred. Racist people use the word toward black people because they know it’s the ultimate disrespect. They use it to remind us that we should stay in our place as we are lucky to be in “their” country. First, this is just as much our country as theirs. Native Americans are the only ones that can tell us ALL to leave. No one else has that right. There isn’t a single white person, or person for that matter, that is better than you are. They’ve never been. The word “nigger” doesn’t define you at all. The only reason that word makes you so emotional is because a part of you believes that white people are superior to you. That’s not accidental either, read the Willie Lynch theory.

You have been shown images, all your life, through the media that make you think we are more violent than any other group. Black people, globally, are the least violent people on earth. It would take us several centuries to kill as many people as white people, especially, have killed and are killing all over the world. We don’t commit mass murder or terrorism. We don’t bomb Muslim countries into oblivion. We don’t kill leaders of other countries and innocent civilians. We don’t go into a movie theater and start shooting people who never did anything to us. We don’t go into schools and start shooting children. We don’t blow ourselves up and kill dozens of people in the name of religion. We don’t go into a church and kill people. But the media has deliberately made you believe we are the most violent people.

We have issues in our own communities and I’m not trying to minimize the importance of addressing our own issues. However, it’s time to stop giving racist people so much power. The minute they realize that even a “nigger” doesn’t feel like a “nigger” anymore, they are rendered powerless. When they call you a “nigger”, tell them they are “trailer trash and unworthy of your time”. They may keep calling you it over and over, don’t block or ignore them, remind them of how inferior they are to you. Any person who is racist is fundamentally impaired thereby making them unequal to a rational, sane, non-racist and logical person. When they insult you tell them to go clean up the trailer or pick up trash in the trailer park. Don’t ever get angry, just get even. If you truly believe no one is better than you, then start acting like it! If you think you are a “nigger”, then you will be treated like one. That word should only matter to you when the person saying it has the power to harm you or people like you. However, if little Billy in the trailer park calls you a “nigger” and you are in your feelings, then something is wrong with you.

Time to take the power away from those who use the word “nigger” to offend us. As long as the word loses it’s impact on us, we can take away the power from our enemies. Fight the urge to allow that word have any power over your life.

*Start supporting black owned businesses, magazines, newspapers, networks. If you don’t support black businesses then please stop talking about .


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