John Miller was kicking it inside Trump’s head since 1991

For those of you who do not know who John Miller is, let me tell you that this article will not be able to answer your question. See, we don’t really know who John Miller is either. Allegedly he was the most amazing and great impersonator of our time. He was capable of being able to speak about ‘s inner most secrets better than even Donald Trump could. For a publicist, he was very good at his job, good enough that he was just randomly working for Trump for a little while then he was moving on to other stuff. I think he left working for Trump because he planned on impersonating a Republican nominee in the future.

Donald Trump easily could have turned this into a profound and innovative marketing move. He could have said: “Yeah, I was John Miller. I did it because they listened and it was great for publicity. Why pay an actual Publicist when I can do it for free. It worked didn’t it.” If he said that people may have made jokes about him, but they would not have thought he was two steps away from a court ordered mental health evaluation. Now people think he’s cray, cray, because he denied it. He looks like he had an imaginary friend or friends, like John Barron. John Barron’s last name happens to be the first name of Trump’s youngest son. John Barron was also his publicist at different times. People are uncertain of either his or John Miller’s current whereabouts. We speculate they are still in Trump’s head, but without an MRI we will remain uncertain.

Congratulations , you have now nominated John Miller, John Barron, and Donald Trump as your candidates for President. No one knew that three people at one time could be the nominee, until now. You have candidates that have an aversion to the truth and have garnered support based on false premises. You will be the first party, in history, that nominated a man with multiple personality disorder. You will be the first party in history to nominate a candidate that is a first class fraud, well maybe Nixon. Nevertheless, Bravo! If the GOP can pull this off, I have much respect for them. It will be historical for sure.

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3 Comments on "John Miller was kicking it inside Trump’s head since 1991"

  1. Hilarious. He’s crazy and people have to admit it.

  2. Hello Funny, the media stopped covering it. They only care about talking about his conspiracy theories. It’s disgusting!

  3. here we go with the Trump jokes!

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