I’ve had it with Trump Supporters! He’s hitting them the hardest!

In this episode DICESI breaks it down to Trump Supporters. The man in the WH is the biggest con artist the world has ever seen. He is a sociopath, which means he lacks empathy and compassion. He is a liar, narcissistic, impulsive, and deranged. However, the people who will suffer the most under a Trump Presidency are Trump supporters. If after this show Trump supporters still believe he is fighting for them, then they want to be abused.

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2 Comments on "I’ve had it with Trump Supporters! He’s hitting them the hardest!"

  1. NaomiMacnama | April 1, 2017 at 12:13 AM | Reply

    We all have. They are so annoying.

  2. Trump supporters aer so dumb. They believe anything he says and he lies all the time. I dont like them anymore and I have stopped talking to people who voted for him.

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