Is Hillary Screaming Giving You Headaches too?

may be the most inauthentic person to have ever lived. She honestly acts like she suffers from agoraphobia. She is so unlikeable that it’s unclear why she wants to be President. It’s hard to comprehend how a WOMAN can be so despised the way she is. Just think about it – a Democratic Socialist and a TV Reality Star/Realtor are beating her in the National polls. She is the former First Lady, served eight years as the Senator of New York and former Secretary of State and she is still so unfavorable.

Maybe because of this her screaming is so incomprehensible and intolerable to me. I don’t agree with on many things, but Hillary’s screaming is so nauseating, I agree with Trump on this. I understand why she screams, but can’t take the screaming. However, she screams because she is one of those people who imitate emotions. She watches speeches and recognizes that good orators know when to speak louder to emphasize a particular point. She is just emulating normal human behavior, like an actor in a movie. However, she’s a terrible actor and should be fired and banned from the set.

I further think she presumes that if she screams somehow it equates to presenting passion. What she fails to understand is that she lacks the natural compassion and passion that many people have. There is nothing that anyone can say is Hillary’s core belief, well maybe war and carnage. She has no concern for Human rights as she has trampled on human rights all over the world. She’s not concerned about guns in the United States, she’s protected daily by armed men. She’s not passionate about Women’s issues, because she’s never done anything for women. She’s not for minorities, she uses them for votes and to get elected then throws dog whistles out to her white racists – “hey buddies, Me and Bill are still here with ya.” What does she care about?

The problem with her screaming is that it is causing medical problems for those of us who are forced to listen. I’m thinking about visiting my doctor to have my hearing checked. Also, I make sure I have ibuprofen near me the minute I see she is about to speak because of the everlasting headaches she causes me. I have determined that I will never go see her live and I will not allow any child I know to see her speak in public. I have no objection, however, to sending terrorists to her rallies. I think that may end terrorism all together. Force terrorists to sit through a Hillary screaming fest.

In all seriousness, Hillary’s screaming is a real problem for her campaign. It represents all that is wrong with Hillary. Her screaming is symbolic of her inauthenticity. It embodies her greatest human flaw – knowing how to just be a human. Trump has already started talking about it. He will brand her soon as “Headache Hillary”. Can you imagine the slogan: “If you need a day off of work, put in a Hillary rally, even on mute, and you will be sick enough to miss work”.

It is interesting that many people have commented on her screaming, but when Trump brands you it will stick. He has already begun to discuss how her screaming is problematic. I don’t know who is running her personality campaign, but good God, tell her to tone it down! She loses her message when she screams her position to the small audience. It doesn’t exude passion or empathy, it exudes artificialness.

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5 Comments on "Is Hillary Screaming Giving You Headaches too?"

  1. Hilarious! She screams so much that it scares me – LOL!

  2. LMFAO! But I still like Hillary. That’s my girl! But she does scream all the time! LAWD!

  3. This article was so funny. I saw you guys on a website and came to check you out. Good content. Keep it Up.

  4. I told my husband that if she does not stop screaming I will not vote for her – lol. But her screaming is so annoying!

  5. This piece was so funny… that saved me from drowning.

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