I despise both candidates!

I sincerely, unequivocally, irrefutably, despise both candidates. This election season we have been forced to choose between two horrific, despicable, dishonest, greedy, bigoted, inconsistent candidates in the history of elections. We’ve been given a binary choice between two trash cans to determine which trash can is less full. There are third party candidates, but they are running in a system where they are an afterthought. Our system is so corrupt that with over 300 million people, we are forced every year to support one of two candidates. There is no diversity of choice in our so called democracy. No third party candidate will ever win an election until we amend our laws and system to include diversity of thought. We have been told we must either accept the policies of Democrats or the policies of Republicans – that’s it. There are only two ways we can do anything. That’s such an undemocratic and fucked up process!

People keep asking “how can there be any undecided voters?” I hate this question. It may be the most disingenuous and asinine question to ask. HAVE YOU FUCKING SEEN who the candidates are! If you have, then answer the stupid question yourself; and, there is such a thing as a stupid question. The mainstream media continues to try to scare us into voting for Hillary to avert the crisis they say is Trump, as if she isn’t more of a crisis. They constantly tell you that we live in a democracy and we have freedom of choice. If that’s true then why are they pressuring undecided voters to vote for Hillary or Trump, knowing there are three other candidates. The truth is, and they know it, you do not live in a democratic electoral process. We have ONLY two choices they say.

I refuse to vote for either candidate and will write in Colin Kaepernick, as he is the only person to have inspired me in a long time. I don’t like the candidates they are forcing down our throats. I’m going to vote my conscience this year. Since both candidates are a disaster, there is no value in voting for one to stop the other. I despise them both and will no longer accept the “system as is” philosophy. The media and mainstream press no longer have the power to keep us in servitude. We are free, by right, and by birth. No entity has the power to mentally confine us. If you, like me, despise these candidates, then do not vote for them. Vote for the person you feel can accomplish what matters to you or vote for a person you feel has integrity or vote for whomever YOU choose, but by all means don’t let them keep you in bondage.

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3 Comments on "I despise both candidates!"

  1. Thanks, great article.

  2. I did not like either. I really do not like Trump. I cannot believe he is our President.

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