HillNo! Bernie Is Not Getting Out

You probably can tell from the title of this article that I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter. Before I get into why Bernie is not going to get out of the race, first let me explain why I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter. My main issue with Hillary Clinton is that she is not authentic. Throughout her campaign for president she has become the leading candidate for an Oscar award for the best performance. Every day she is changing her policies by morphing into Bernie Sanders in an effort just to get elected. She disavows the policies that her husband Bill Clinton put in place, such as criminal justice policies, which are policies she is on record supporting. She was also a “Goldwater Girl“, by her own admission. Who is Goldwater? Goldwater was a presidential candidate for the Republican party in the 1964 election (where he got slaughtered like a pig by Lyndon Johnson).  Barry Goldwater is his full name and he was a strong supporter of re-segregation and opposed the Civil Rights Act.

In addition, she is a war hawk who is driven by power and domination.  She voted for the Iraq war that killed over 100,000 Iraqi people, many innocent civilians, and thousands of American soldiers, notwithstanding the wounded and displaced veterans.  A war that was never about weapons of mass destruction, but more about greed and dominance. The list of Hillary’s flaws far outweigh her strengths. I do not know what she stands for as she modifies her positions to suit the audience she is speaking to. She uses minorities for their votes, but has no real agenda that will help minority communities.  After all, she, like President Obama, never ran or run on the minority agenda.  She shows up in Black and Latino communities, during election season, and says “I am here for you”.  After the vote in Michigan, which she lost, she never spoke about the Flint water crisis again.  Blacks and Latinos just eat it up her bullshit, like a fat child in a candy store.  Hillary relies on the name, not her policies to garner support at the polls.  Most voters voting for her are just blind people being guided by a slave master. Now compare her to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont.  His positions have also been and always will be in support of the average working American.  He loathes Wall Street and the corporate greed in this country that has held American workers economically stagnant, for generations, because politicians are corrupt and their interest align with making the rich richer.  He has run a campaign, unlike Hillary Clinton, that has been completely funded by the people. When he speaks, you see the passion seeping through him.  It is authentic, it is real.  He speaks with conviction and determination.

Although he has been virtually written off by the mainstream media, who has been running a pro-Hillary agenda from the beginning, he is the only candidate on the Democratic side that has the love of his followers.  The media continues to attempt to get Bernie out of the race, so that their beloved Hillary Clinton can obtain an undeserved Democratic Nomination.  However, the people of the United States have spoken, and millions want Bernie Sanders, the candidate that the media tries to write off.  Many of us do not want Hillary Clinton – we decide, not the media.  I can assure you that Bernie supporters are not asking the media to ask Bernie to get out of the race – why should we, we don’t want him to.  We will decide, MEDIA, who we wish to support and you continuously asking him when he will get out of the race is completely appalling and we WON’T stand for it! As long as many of us are saying #HillNO, Bernie Sanders will continue in this race until we, the people, not you, decide when Bernie is no longer the candidate we want.  Until that day, take your devious and disingenuous agenda and shove it up your ass.  We have spoken! #FeelTheBern

Should Media Stop the Pro-Hillary Agenda?

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2 Comments on "HillNo! Bernie Is Not Getting Out"

  1. Feel the Bern! Great article! Some of this about Hillary I did not know. I couldn’t vote for Hillary.

  2. Bernie is toast! He needs to wake up. Move out of the way!

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