Hillary will win the election, but she already lost!

Hillary will win election, but she already lost!

On November 8, 2016, will become the 45th president of the United States of America and will be the first woman president of this wonderful country. Usually, that should be very monumental and gratifying to see our country take that step to finally break the highest glass ceiling for women. However, it will not be. We will not see the elation the world saw when we elected our first African-American president. We will not even see the enthusiasm people felt when won reelection. While many Democrats will be excited about being a part of history being made, many will be dismayed because they have lost confidence in her. Republicans will be devastated because they recognize that they only lost this election because they put up a candidate worse than Hillary , who I think is the most corrupt person to ever run for President.

Hillary may become President, but Hillary will be consumed by external allegations of corruption. Liberals and progressives do not like her and do not trust her. Many will only vote for her to avert the crisis that is Trump; however, they will not vote for her enthusiastically. The problem for Hillary is that we know she’s disingenuous, we’ve seen her corruption, we know she’s a corporate elitist that will sell the country for money. She’s a war-hawk that cannot shy away from any opportunity to engage in conflict. She has no core beliefs that she shares with the public. She’s incapable of showing true humanity and humbleness. Her and Bill Clinton feel overly entitled and believe that they are above the law – they have good reason to considering how they have escaped liability over and over and over again. Hillary will be the most hated President to be elected. She won’t win because people wanted her to win, she will win because people didn’t want Trump to win more than anything else.

Her corruption has been exposed to the world; and, generally, she is disliked – A LOT. She will never be revered by the people like President and will be mired in scandal from day one. Her email scandal is not going away as it’s evident from Wikileaks that she lied to Congress and destroyed email messages while under a subpoena. The is itching to destroy her and as a result of Wikileaks, they may just get the chance. Diehard liberals, many who will vote third party, will not defend her. The media that has turned a blind eye to all of the scandals surrounding her after the release of Wikileaks, will watch her crash and burn for the purpose of ratings. The worst thing she can do to herself right now is become President.

The most damaging thing to happen to Hillary Clinton is . Donald Trump used to be her friend, but once he started losing to her he’s gone nuclear on her every single day. Unlike Hillary, who doesn’t inspire anyone, Trump is loved by his supporters who will literally kill or die for him. They loathe Hillary more than President Obama. They chant “lock her up” at Trump rallies, GOP Convention, and anytime they get a microphone. If you look at Social Media you will see some of the most horrifying images of her. Trump supporters and many defectors believe she is literally the devil. She is so hated that many say they will not accept her as their President. Republicans in Congress loathe her more than Trump supporters. She, unfortunately, is a doomed President!

It is inevitable that she will be impeached. Congress is not finished with her, and her email scandal will plague her from day one. Most Liberals and Progressives abhor her and GOP don’t believe she’s human. She may become President, but most will say it was only because she ran against Donald Trump. She will not be respected by the people of this country and she will have difficulty implementing any of her plans. All of her corruption will haunt her from the day she takes office until the day she’s impeached. She will be overly scrutinized for every single thing she does. The reality is Hillary will win, but winning will come with a loss. At the end of the day, I’m not sure that’s winning at all.

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4 Comments on "Hillary will win the election, but she already lost!"

  1. She’s talking to GOP leaders now so I doubt she’ll be in trouble. They will cut a deal with her like they always do. I’m sick of this government.

  2. I agree. She has no idea how bad it’s about to get for her. She should rethink being President but it’s to late now. I never liked her at all so I don’t care what happens.

  3. I said the same thing to my husband. I said she may win, but nobody likes her. I think she is so corrupt that I can’t see myself ever voting for her and I am a Democrat. Republicans are going to come after her from day one. Good article.

  4. But she didn’t win!

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