Hillary pay attention – THIS is why Berniecrats are so angry!

Those who support Hillary presume that those of us who do not are likely mentally challenged, one step away from an insane asylum; lack rudimentary political knowledge; must be a freeloader or looking to freeload off of the government; unworthy of respect from the elitist average ,  , Hillary supporter. Well, what Hillary fanatics fail to realize is that while Hillary may be beating Trump by being the second most despised politician running for office, she’s not beating him the way a politician that is not compromised could do. Hillary fanatics fail to understand that the fact that 55% of Americans view her unfavorably is symbolic of the feelings embedded in Berniecrats. Hillary fanatics fail to recognize that her unfavorables are of astronomical proportions, without Trump the alarm would have been pulled on her campaign, she may actually lose this election if she cannot unify the Berniecrats with the Democrats. 

Do not forget that beat Mitt Romney in 2012 by 5 million votes. Bernie received more than 12 million votes in the primaries; therefore, he is far from a scrub. Hillary fanatics may think it’s advisable to continue to malign Bernie supporters, but if I were them I would tread lightly. They presume that there are others that will magically appear, like the sprinkles of Republicans that say will somehow compensate for the millions of votes she will lose by losing Bernie supporters. Good luck with that, I wish you the best of luck honestly. 

If Hillary fanatics are serious, they cannot approach Berniecrats like the enemy. Hillary has won the nomination; therefore, the threat of her getting the nomination is entirely moot. She has a much greater task and that’s winning the White House – heed to my words, she will NOT win the election without at least 80-90% of Berniecrats. The delusion by Hillary fanatics that she will cruise all the way to the White House because is such a disaster that whether you like her or not you’ll vote for her regardless is a big miscalculation. Hillary has to earn the votes of the people and if she fails to make her case to the Berniecrats, she will not inspire them to vote for her. Therefore, the myth that Bernie needs Hillary and she doesn’t need him is the height of illogical and fantastical. Bernie has the power to tank her whole campaign. Therefore, if Hillary wants to win over a majority of Berniecrats, she needs to understand what we are angry about in the first place. Her fanatics need to recognize that their lack of humility will bring the revolution to their doorsteps. We Berniecrats are not afraid to vote against corporatism, even if it means tanking Hillary’s chances. Read what I just said once again and let it sink in.

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What we are upset about is vast. Before this election season has made a career out of being a Wall Street puppet and selling influence and access for money. She voted for the war in Iraq that has turned out to be the most catastrophic decision in the modern era, for the United States. She cavalierly says she made a mistake after we decimated and destroyed an entire country on false pretenses. She doesn’t and isn’t concerned about the casualties on both sides and the long term consequences for what she does. She hasn’t  made overtures that encourage anyone to believe she understands the magnitude of her reckless vote for the war in Iraq. In 2008 she engaged in some of the worst form of racial politics we’ve seen until Trump. For those who suffer from amnesia about this, let me kindly refer you to Hillary ’08 who sounds eerily similar to Trump ’16. 

She has never shown conviction for any issue and consistently changes her position solely for political advantage. No one knows what she truly believes or stands for; hence the high unfavorables. However, what will continue to be the gap between Hillary and Berniecrats is the way this election season was approached by the DNC, Hillary Campaign, in collusion with the mainstream media will forever be paramount in the minds of many supporters. Bernie was not just dismissed and disrespected, when he said things that even Trump would say, the media would cut off his speeches unlike their 24/7 coverage of Trump. If Bernie had a small fraction of the overwhelmingly, bias, media coverage  Hillary and Trump received, Bernie would be way too formidable. Therefore, they banned together to box him out in the most undemocratic way. This makes us angry. 

The DNC was never neutral and could barely provide evidence that neutrality ever existed. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (GET RID OF HER) caused a great divide among the voters and Democrat constituents because of her blatant, inconspicuous, Hillary pandering. There are, in addition to everything else, there are allegation of voter suppression and corruption. Whether substantiated or not, that perception alone causes great problems for Hillary. The perception is that the DNC and Hillary are corrupt, and alleged documentation released by a hacker Guicifer 2.0, shows that collusion may have occurred. There is no way that people who believe corruption and political corruption are reprehensible, can vote for someone who they think is corrupt. Hillary has done nothing to rectify this issue of overwhelming corruption in her political career.

Further, Berniecrats think Hillary acts entitled, lacks humility, lacks conviction, sides way to often with policies that are more than Democratic, she is a war hawk without compassion for people around the world. She operates her foreign policy on elitism. She proposed a border with Mexico before Trump did. She was anti-gay rights for decades until she had to capitulate for political advantage. She refuses to release her Wall Street speeches because, as it’s obvious to presume, the releasing of them is more problematic for her than not releasing them. Therefore, simply not being Donald Trump is NOT enough to persuade any Berniecrats to vote for someone they feel is just as toxic and erratic as Trump if she cannot be transparent and show passion on ANY issue – what EXACTLY does Hillary believe. We don’t want this robotic coached politician all the time. She has to show true purpose and the backbone to fight for something other than power. She has to distinguish herself from Trump, not only by not being Trump, but showing she actually gets the plight of the average American and will fight for real change. 

Most people will not be upset with someone who fought the good fight but lost. What people will reject is the cowardice exhibited by those who do not fight at all. For Hillary to get the Berniecrats vote she needs to first RESPECT his supporters. She must make the case that the sins of her past she acknowledges and intends to rectify. She cannot be wearing $12,000 jackets while acting like she cares about the common man. She has to fight and EARN votes. 

Therefore, Hillary fanatics may detest what I’m saying, but if you don’t shut the fuck up and listen to what I’m saying here now, mark the day you read this as the day you were forewarned that if Hillary doesn’t make her case to the Berniecrats, she will lose to Trump – the most despicable human being to run for office in the modern era. Think about that – smh! It’s Hillary and her supporters election to lose – check your attitude quickly!

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8 Comments on "Hillary pay attention – THIS is why Berniecrats are so angry!"

  1. THANK YOU!!! This is exactly how we feel!

  2. This is what the Democrats need to hear. They have been disrespecting us for a long time. They know they need us but still shame us. I am one of those Dems that will let Hillary lose. Why should I be responsible for her loss. They better get their act together or she will lose.

  3. I will not vote for Hillary no matter what. Democrats have to put up a better candidate before I do that. She doesn’t care about us like Bernie does and all she cares about is money. Vote Jill Stein instead of Hillary.

  4. Breathing heavily | June 23, 2016 at 12:53 PM | Reply

    Are we supposed to just vote for Hollary because she has a D beside her name – NO! Even if she begged me I wouldn’t vote for her. She could pay me and I’ll tell her to go fuck herself!

  5. Destroy the NRA – seriously! Shut them down.

  6. So excited I found this article as it made things much better to understand! I didn’t think they really wanted anything but this makes me think.

  7. I wish the DNC would have read this article before the election and we wouldn’t be in this mess! Bernie was the better candidate and they screwed him over and now we have Tiny hands. I’m still frustrated about it.

  8. You guys said it. If they don’t get Bernie supporters they could lose. Hillary lost and she lost to Trump. I cannot believe the times we live in.

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