Hillary Just remembered she’s cared about Kentucky after all – aww shucks!

‘s campaign has stated that Hillary was going to focus on the general election and essentially could careless about this insignificant primary. I mean, after all, she’s been coronated, from day 1, by the Mainstream Media (except Fox that hates her so much they’d kill themselves if she came near them) and thusly no longer needed the primary voters. Then she lost two primaries in a row and realized – “Oh Shit, this damn Socialist just won’t go away”. Subsequently, she decided to buy ads in Kentucky, for over $100,000, because truly she has a deep connection with the people of Kentucky. She cares so passionately about them that she didn’t plan to go there until she needed to use them to seal up the nomination with some momentum she has completely lost. 

This is what so many people detest about Hillary . She is an opportunist who will do or say anything that is politically expedient. When she is discussing her plans for the rest of us, she speaks with no passion, she just screams and screams, but that is not passion. Also, what is her core platform, what does she actually and truly care about besides wanting to become president? This isn’t rhetorical, I truly would like to know – what does Hillary Clinton actually care about???

She was the same women, as a Democrat, that voted for the war in Iraq. A war in which we basically massacred thousands of innocent people in Iraq, desecrated their homelands, lost so many of our own through combat or even the thousands wounded, for no legitimate or ascertainable reason. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Iraqi’s were not responsible for 911. Why did she vote for this! She says she regrets it now, only because her decision is now unpopular. Suddenly she recognized how horrible it was to vote for the war! Bullshit! She’s a hawk, and has always been a hawk. She’s a sell-out too who will cozy up with the if elected.

Hillary is the same person who stated that gay marriage should be banned, in fairness so did , but suddenly, at 60 something years later, she had an epiphany. Get the hell out of here! She didn’t realize how discriminatory it was and still is to deny the LGBT community basic decency and fundamental fairness and equality! Now that she needs that communities vote, she’s all for whatever, whatever! She should never, as an alleged Democrat, have been for any form of discrimination – EVER!!

I will be writing more about Hillary and her disingenuous ass in later articles, but the truth is her sudden interest in Kentucky is part of a pattern. Remember the crime bill she championed and now wants to rectify. Get the FUCK out of here Hillary! She’s a hustler and she doesn’t care about Kentucky, nor does she care about anyone or anything. She’s not human! She’s a vampire that will suck the blood of people until they force her into the sun so she can melt away. But this aww schucks it’s an oversight type shit is for the birds. Kentucky, don’t vote for her, she forgot about you, forget her when you cast your vote!


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3 Comments on "Hillary Just remembered she’s cared about Kentucky after all – aww shucks!"

  1. 🙂 Hilarious,I don’t understand why people are voting for her at all. They say they want a woman president but shouldn’t they want the right president. Plus she’s not human. I agree.

  2. Remember when they were lean forward. I won’t watch them anymore. I watch TYT. I won’t watch Fox News ever, they are liars and racists.

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