Hillary Clinton is a Terrible FrontRunner!

is currently the FrontRunner for the Democratic Party nomination. She is leading in Pledged Delegates and Super Delegates. The numbers are Hillary Clinton with 1,243 Pledged Delegates and 469 Super Delegates; Bernie Sanders has 980 Pledged Delegates and 31 Super Delegates. 

However, despite her lead, she is a terrible FrontRunner. In recent polls, she loses  some polls to Ted Cruz (who is literally the most unelectable candidate running for President); she also loses to John Kasich (who has only won one state, his home state of Ohio, in the primary season). The only candidate she beats is Donald Trump (who has an unfavorable rating more atrocious than any FrontRunner in recent decades at this point). Contrarily, Bernie Sanders beats every single candidate, on the Republican side, in at least a few polls, in the general election. Here are the most recent head to head polls.

Leaving the polls alone and just looking at the candidate, Hillary has a very tough road ahead of her. For example, Bernie Sanders supporters are literally unwavering in their support. Many have taken to Twitter to express that they will not vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances; hence, the hashtag . These are individuals that detest the concept of Hillary Clinton as the President of the United States. I repeat, they will never vote for her! I am certain people reading this are saying, “but wait…what about 2008?”. It is true that in 2008, many Hillary supporters refused to support President Obama. Hillary ensured that her supporters coalesced around President Obama. However, there is a difference between 2008 and this election season.

In 2008, then Senator Obama had been virtually an unknown. He came from nowhere. But, he didn’t have such a contradictory and toxic record like Hillary Clinton. People detested him because he was unknown, not that he had a record like voting for the Iraq war, destroying Libya, being anti-gay rights for decades; championing mass incarceration that has disproportionately affected minorities, supporting the death penalty, siding with Republicans on many issues as a Senator of NY, supporting Barry Goldwater who was a re-segregationist who also was against the Civil Rights Act, etc… Hillary has a record that is easily accessible. Hillary, like Donald Trump, have unconvincingly proven a devotion to the principles that founded these parties. The difference, though, is Donald Trump has no record in politics to criticize. He has been equally critical of Democrats as he has been of Republicans. Therefore, it’s unclear what he actually believes. While Hillary has tried to morph herself into the Bernie Sanders philosophy, her record is a staunch contrast between her and Bernie or Donald Trump. Not to mention she has taken MANY, undemocratic positions. 

Hillary will have a very hard time getting BernieOrBust people. Many will either refrain from voting or they will vote for Donald Trump. As implausible as some may see this scenario, it is a harsh reality. Trump provides the anti-establishment, anti-special interest component like Bernie Sanders. He is also a nationalistic person like Bernie Sanders. Hillary doesn’t embody that outsider status, she is part of what people hate about politics. People feel that she will say anything to get elected, but once elected she will become the Republican she truly is. She also doesn’t have the enthusiasm, that Trump or Sanders have. With millions of people refusing to vote for her, she will be in a fight to the death with any Republican, likely Trump, and to be honest, I see Trump prevailing.

Before Democrats start screaming “we need to coalesce around Hillary”, slow your roll; Hillary may be the worst FrontRunner for Democrats. Time to consider coalescing around Bernie Sanders?

Is Hillary A Bad Candidate?

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15 Comments on "Hillary Clinton is a Terrible FrontRunner!"

  1. I can’t stand Hillary. I won’t vote for her no matter what. Nothing se says I believe. She just wants to be the president.

  2. I don’t like her as much as Bernie Sanders, I really don’t like her as much as Trump. To me she is only better than Cruz because he’s like the devil.

  3. She would be a disaster!

  4. I agree. I don’t think anyone really wants her to be Prez.

  5. Hello my name is Emily and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here saying I really love your blog. I like the way you write. Keep it up!

  6. Great this very interesting article.

  7. She’s the worst. I know the DNC thinks she can beat Trump, but we don’t. I think Trump beats her. It may be close, but I think Trump will win.

  8. Love this post. Do you think she will though? I think she is scared liek you said.

  9. Hi I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of calling you. I came to your Hillary Clinton is a Terrible FrontRunner! I have to agree now with this email scandal that she is a bad candidate.

  10. Totally agree. Great Post. #BernieOrBust

  11. I guess now after reading this you were right. I wish she won though now after Trump.

  12. This post has helped me think things thgrouh

  13. Sabrina Warren | February 12, 2017 at 3:46 PM | Reply

    I was just looking at your Hillary Clinton is a Terrible FrontRunner! It’s true. Hindsight is 20/20.

  14. I discovered your Hillary Clinton is a Terrible FrontRunner! Good read. I wish she was not the one they ran last year.

  15. I voted for Bernie. I wish Bernie was the nominee and we woulndt have this crazy guy Drumpf!

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