Hillary Clinton is Too Corrupt to be POTUS

Let’s face it, we’ve ALL known that there was something very off about . From her inability to seem human, to her paradoxical positions, to her lackluster rallies, to her constant screaming. However, once the release of the Wikileaks we can no longer wonder what is off about her, the truth is she’s a liar, a pathological liar who has admitted to having a public position and a private position on issues. She pretends to be for common people, but wikileaks shows she’s stated she can’t relate to common people because of the wealthy life she leads. She’s acknowledged, in private, wanting Wall Street to regulate itself while pretending she’s the champion that will take on Wall Street. The only thing that is truthful about Hillary is, she’s corrupt to her core. She’s so inhuman that her campaign has to script her speeches to tell her when to smile. The woman literally cannot smile on her own without being prompted.

The ‘s, admittedly, left the White House completely broke. Since that time they have amassed hundreds of millions of dollars off of endeavors no one understands other than giving speeches and more importantly selling access. There is no viable business that the Clinton’s can point to that justifies why they have made hundreds of millions of dollars, except for the fact Hillary and Bill Clinton have profited off of their unmitigated corruption, but not business acumen or business products or services. They’ve used the plight of common people to assure big donors that she can play both sides while protecting rich people’s interests. She is so corrupt that she did not feel safe using the server of the State Department because she was aware that she would be exposed for engaging in illegality and corruption. She deliberately destroyed emails while she was under a subpoena to turn them over. Through wikileaks we see that it was a coordinated effort to lie to committee about what emails they turned over and why emails were deleted. The only logical reason to obstruct justice and delete emails is because she knew that the content of those email messages would we more damning than deleting them.

In addition, she has insulted almost every voter block either as deplorable and irredeemable, to living in their basement, to taco bowls. She has no respect for the American public nor does she have any real Democratic policies or principles. She’s admitted to being a Moderate, then subsequently says she’s a . She says whatever is politically expedient at the time, without having any true conviction. Her positions, not the ones she says now, are those of a war hawk that has no regard for human life. She’s destroyed countries and alliances. Her decisions to go to war have caused the deaths of millions of people, while she offers her insensitive apology. She pretends to be in allegiance with , but leaked email messages show she despises him and will likely destroy his legacy. Despite her and Bill’s overt racism in 2008, black voters seem to have amnesia and believe she’s the champion for black people. She’s only aligning with President because without his support she cannot win this election and we all know that ALL she cares about is becoming President. Not about you or me or anyone else.

As President she will have the most powerful job on earth. Hence, she will be the most powerful person on earth. Someone as dishonest, corrupt, hollow, shallow, paradoxical, entitled, racist, and irresponsible has absolutely no business being President. I used to think she was intolerable, but more tolerable than Trump – I wholly disagree with this now. While I’m not a Trump supporter, I think with ALL Trump’s many flaws, he’s far less corrupt than Hillary Clinton, and yes, I am a Liberal. If it weren’t for all the racism that has surfaced since Trump launched his campaign, Trump would have beaten Hillary like a stepchild. The only candidate that can lose to Hillary, is Trump. Any other viable candidate would beat her like an abusive drunk spouse. She’s undeserving of the highest job in the world. She has poor judgment, extremely hawkish, devious, devilish, and dishonest. Why should she be President of this great nation? We at Candor no longer believe she is better than Trump – they are both equally disqualified!

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