It is being reported that an EgyptAir 181 plane that was scheduled to fly to Cairo from the city Alexandria was hijacked. The hijacker/s have not been identified; however, it is alleged that they have strapped explosives to themselves and threaten to detonate.  There are allegedly 55 or 81 passengers on board.

EgyptAir is alleging that it is negotiating with the hijackers to release certain people on the flight, but there has not been any confirmation.  It is unknown, at this time, whether this is a terrorism attack or whether this is an isolated incident.  What we can say is that we are living in very scary times.  Let us pray that no one on this flight gets hurt.

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UPDATE: It has been reported that the hijackers have allowed certain people to be released from the plane; except four individuals that are foreigners and all of the crew members, which may be seven crew members. Seems like this may not be a terrorist attack, because rarely have we heard of a terrorist attacker allowing anyone to live.  Most seem to want to cause the most carnage.  Further, they say that it is just one hijacker.  We will update this page if more information is given.

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