You got Trumped – Trump TV end goal!

So you are a supporter and slowly you realize that Trump played you, right? Or maybe you are a Trump supporter and are still so utterly blind that you don’t see that you got Trumped.

I have been saying for a long time that Trump doesn’t want to be President. I got a lot of heat for saying it, but I have been unwavering. Now, I presume some of his loyal fanatics are starting to see that Trump doesn’t want this and never did. The proof – He has launched Trump TV on Facebook while the election is still going. He keeps telling you that he needs your money to beat Hillary. You give him the money and he doesn’t spend it fighting Hillary. What EXACTLY does he do with the money he raises from you? Do you even know? Have you ever even asked? Well the good thing is we can now likely guess what he’s doing with your money. He’s starting , which will be an alt-right news network he’ll use to raise money from his simple-minded followers. Those people that work everyday to make an alleged billionaire more wealthy.

Trump has already checked out of this election because he’s very much only interested in profitability. He’s raising money from YOU, his minions, to better his own financial situation. He never cared about you or your plight. He wasn’t interested in making America Great Again, whatever the hell that means. He wasn’t going to build a wall. He wasn’t going to take care of our veterans. He wasn’t going to transform Washington. He wasn’t going to bring jobs back, jobs that he himself ships overseas. He wasn’t going to deport “illegals”. That was ALL part of the scam, the hustle, the fraud. He knew what you wanted to hear and sold you empty promises to get your support and most importantly, your money.


He’s made you angry with everything in and about your life. You hate the government, the media, the others. He wanted you to only believe him and no one else while he lied directly to your face. He wanted the money and the fame and doesn’t even know your name. You meant and mean nothing to him. Also, while you contribute to Trump failures, just know that Trump TV will fail too. It is DOA (dead on arrival). It will join the long list of other business failures Trump has had. You can donate if you want to his campaign which is donating to his post-election plan – just know you are throwing your money away on another failed endeavor. The minute you accept this, the better your overall well-being will be. It’s time to wake up and sober up! You got Trumped!

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4 Comments on "You got Trumped – Trump TV end goal!"

  1. I’d rather have him do Trump TV than be President. He can go do that because we all know that is what he wants anyway. He just wanted to get rich. They said he donated $10 million to his campaign. He never does anything he doesn’t think he can make money off of. He should just go do this TV thing and get lost! LOL

  2. I agree with the comment above. He can do Trump TV but don’t let him be President.

  3. You Got Trumped is true.

  4. That makes things even worse in that ANY American can shut down ANY foreign site at will? Free speech bedamned? Only in America or when it does not upset Amriscanr?Hareumph

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