GOP Leaders pussying out of Convention in wake of Trump

is the presumptive for President of the greatest country on earth. It became inevitable after he beat up Ted Cruz and John Kasich so badly that they ran out of the race and into insignificance. While the primary season is not over, Donald is the only one still standing of the 17 candidates in the race.

Despite Donald Trump being the only candidate for the GOP in the race, many GOP leaders say they will not come to the convention where he will be officially nominated. I don’t blame some of them, like , George W Bush, and George HW Bush. Donald Trump branded Jeb Bush from the start of the race and ferociously dragged Jeb around, like a starving dog with a leash, until he threw his ass all the way out of the race. He annihilated the Bush legacy to the point the families political future is in serious peril. For George Sr. and Jr. it’s completely logical to be offended by someone bullying your son or brother, and it makes even more sense when they bully you too. I get their desire to abstain; they still have to save their balls, even if they can’t salvage the legacy.

But people like are the ones that defy logic. It was obvious that Mitt Romney, after getting beaten up by President Obama in 2012, was still yearning for the office he’ll never have as the failed candidate he is. Nevertheless, he was yearning for the Presidency. He gave a prepared speech a few months back, setting up the stage as if he was giving it from the Oval Office. His speech was such a scathing attack on Donald Trump that it was unreal this was the same guy four years before happily accepting Trump’s endorsement. Trump hit back, as always, and literally dismantled Mitt to the point that Mitt had to take out a restraining order against his Twitter account, because daily Trump supporters reminded him of his failures in life and as a presidential candidate and begged him to “kick rocks” now and forever. His remaining tweets from after that time have been G rated, boring tweets. Now that Trump is the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney is sour grapes. Any shot he had to come in at the convention and steal the nomination is dead. Like Trump says the American Dream is, get it!

Mitt Romney not attending is a testament to how unsuccessful his campaign to destroy Trump was. He spoke out and people told him to shut up. He endorsed candidates and those candidates had to drop out. So I guess Mitt likely needs to save his balls too. Why come and watch the guy who beat you up, standing one step away from the highest job in the would. A job you want and will never have, like Never, ever, ever, ever….That’s similar to castration. We already know Mitt got his balls served to him on a international silver platter by President Obama in 2012, why let that happen twice. Yeah, Mitt, pussy out!

Should the GOP stop the pussy stuff

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4 Comments on "GOP Leaders pussying out of Convention in wake of Trump"

  1. So true! They said he had to sign a pledge not to leave now they want to leave him. Own him. What does not showing up do?

  2. This article had me dying! Trump is crazy man he got them all scared.

  3. Hello funny article. It seems like the accepting him now. I bet soon they will be fighting soon. Trump can’t control what he do at all.

  4. Very valid, pithy, sucitncc, and on point. WD.

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