GOP gather your balls and suck it up! Trump is one of you!

The establishment is totally fractured and at odds about Trump becoming their standard bearer this year. Many people are adamant that Never, meant Never, Ever! However, many of them cannot articulate what they will do in November. Some say , which means they support Hillary this election, but they aren’t saying they will actually vote for her. Some say they will write in still, even though he is the Zodiac Killer. Some say they are trying to find a third party option, which likely will get 1% of the vote at best. The only glue holding these NeverTrump people together is they all, in uniformity, say they will not vote for Trump.

Our blog has not endorsed a candidate officially, and we aim to be critical of all the candidates worthy of criticism. Nevertheless, while this is in no way an endorsement of Trump, it is an indictment of the GOP. For decades the GOP flirted with racism, sexism, islamaphobia, bigotry demagoguery and misogyny. They used racist rhetoric and code words. They supported white dominance and superiority. Only before election time do the GOP establishment-type talk about unity and tone down the rhetoric. Now that their FrontRunner is viewed as an open racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, demagogue, the GOP is feigning public outrage. They claim he is completely polar opposite of the principles that make up the party. Bullshit! Their policies have always been anti-minority and pro-white upperclass. They really don’t want minorities in their party, but use the Uncle Tom’s to pretend that it’s a diverse party only because of the changing demographics.

Now that they have a man who has offended many of their standard bearers, while simultaneously offending every minority group, women and millennials, they don’t know where this brand of the party came from. They all of a sudden have principles other than cheering on Birther conspiracies against PresidentObama; repeatedly denigrating the first black president, accuses the poor of wanting handouts, creating laws that target minority communities, turning a blind eye to police brutality, gerrymandering and voter suppression etc… Oh, no Sirs, you are the cause of Trump. You created Trump! He’s just mimicking your beliefs and used them effectively to awaken the sleeping racist giant. He’s liberated a fraction of your base that has been internally brewing with racial hatred and resentment. He’s given wings to your base that votes you into office, the poor, closet racists that vote against their own interest. The ones that vote Republican because it’s the party of white people. The exclusive party that hates minorities, but tolerates sell-outs for political purposes. That is who the GOP is.

Now that you realize he is one of you, suck it up and get on the . He’s your guy, embrace him. Because if you don’t, your party is more doomed than it is now. He’ll suffer an epic loss with that R beside his name and the noxious taste of his candidacy will linger in the mouths of millions for generations to come. It’s better to lose by a few, then lose by a lot; at least then you can argue that many didn’t vote for GOP, but many did also. It makes you a less unfavorable brand/party than you are now. You will need some kind of argument after this catastrophe, but saying he’s an outsider that lost will not work. He’s one of you – Suck it up!

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3 Comments on "GOP gather your balls and suck it up! Trump is one of you!"

  1. Damn right. I love this article. He’s their problem now. They created this monster and they are stuck with him.

  2. Wow! Just wow! Why should the GOP have to fall in line and accept him. He’s a maniac. I’m a registered Republican and I could never vote for this guy. He’s not a Republican. Republicans are not racist either. Democrats are the real racists.

  3. He’s gonna lose!

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