Go Home Bill and Stay There!

Bill Clinton decided he was tired of masking his true feelings about President Obama:

If you believe we can rise together, if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before

In this speech he referred to the “awful legacy” of the last eight years. Interestingly, he did not make comments like that when his wife, Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton, was riding President Obama’s ass through the southern states primaries with high black population. However, after they had used black people to win southern primaries, Bill decided he has had enough with his falsified support of the president. The Clinton’s are some of the worst kind of people. They pretend to be Democrats only because they feel that is their easiest way to become powerful. However, they are truly racist, right wing activist who will sell out the democrats once Hillary becomes President. 

But let’s be clear, when Bill criticizes President Obama’s legacy, essentially what he is saying is, My wife was also a failure as Secretary of State. His wife was part of the last eight years administration; therefore, there is no way to separate her from what he deems to be failures. Black voters need to wake up! Hillary is using you to get to the White House! Those black caucus members of Congress are politicians first and they have ALL sold their soul to remain in power. They don’t care about the average black person because if they did, they would not have forgotten the rhetoric of Bill Clinton in the 2008 campaign:

A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee

In 2008 we could have attributed Bill’s comments to the adversarial nature of his wife’s 2007 campaign and their desire to win; however, President Obama isn’t running for President again; therefore, what is his excuse for continuously obsessing over President Obama?

Instead, these “black leaders” are opportunists. They only pretend to represent black interests but truly do not care about their own people. Why haven’t any of these politicians done more about policing in black communities? Why would they endorse a woman who called black criminals “super-predators”? How can they support a woman who was a “Goldwater Girl”, by her own admission. They do it because they’ve never been concerned with the average black American. They are kissing the Clintons ass as a way to redeem themselves from supporting Obama over Hillary in 2008. They still kiss Bill’s ass like he’s their massa. Enough is Enough!

Time for Bill to retire from public life. His presence on the campaign trail has been odious at best. His rambling and off the cuff speeches are constant foot in mouth exercises. While his spokesperson claims he was referring to the GOP obstructionism, not the president, it is hard to believe when he said legacy, he meant the congress. Bill is no different than any other Republican candidate, except he is more of a playboy hustler. If he keeps his mouth open much longer he will almost ensure that his wife will lose this election. Go Home Bill and stay there!

Does Bill Have Foot in Mouth Disease?

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