EXPOSED: Trump’s Very Long CON!

I’ve said, many times, NEVER wanted to be President. He wanted to win, but has no appetite to govern. He showed throughout his campaign that he was disinterested in familiarizing himself with policy, refuses to stay on the issues, utterly lacks basic insight into his own policies, trafficked in unfounded conspiracy theories, and refuses to accept he’s uninformed. None of those deficiencies should have ever led to where we are now, but unfortunately it has. However, the harsh reality for his supporters is that Trump will lose and that doesn’t surprise him. He likes winning, and he wins either way because this was always a very long con.

He launched his political career by undermining the legitimacy of our first African-American President. While I believe initially he never truly believed was an illegitimate candidate, he knew that many thought he was and, thusly, that was his opportunity. I base this on his conduct right after President was elected, where he praises his leadership. In addition, there is evidence he gave to Obama For America (OFA). Later, he recognized that the election of President Obama had created widespread racial anxiety and resentment. Being typical Trump, he made a tactical move and used President Obama as a pawn in his very long con.

He entered this race when the ratings for his show apprentice was waning; hence, his popularity was dwindling. Operating on the same premise that launched his political career, he decided to attack Mexicans and immigrants. In a deposition for a lawsuit filed by Trump, he states he deliberately intended to bring up his controversial comments about Mexicans before he stated them. He used Mexicans, whom he presumed too docile to fight back, as another political pawn to garner support from his base, those who resented immigrants and the “others”. Once he demonized those “others”, he began to rise in the polls. He saw that the more he went after minority groups, the greater his popularity grew. Therefore, he decided to go after Muslim people which further rallied up support. While doing this, he focused primarily on hyperbolic rhetoric, unsubstantiated conspiracies from fringe radical maniacs, and stereotypical jargon that is pushed to demonize entire populations of people. He never, once, could identify the criminality he claims is overwhelmingly occurring by immigrants. He couldn’t, once, outline the overwhelmingly dangerous refugees that are allegedly going to blow us all up. They were part of the very long con.

Trump never cared about the truth of his allegations because truth was irrelevant to facilitating the long con. He just needed to say certain things and people would like him more. His rallies were nothing more than bloviating, unmitigated narcissism. He would constantly brag about being really rich (which we now question after seeing his tax return showing he lost close to one billion dollars in one year), while pretending to be the guy of the common folks. He would about himself, his businesses, his brand, in glowing terms while simultaneously denigrating anyone he thought was a threat to him continuing the very long con.

What was constantly missing from Trump rallies is policy. He told you what he wanted to do, but couldn’t explain how. He told you what you wanted to hear – I’ll bring jobs back here. People liked how that sounded, and bought into it without asking how he could even remotely achieve that. He deflected or rambled ever time he’s asked about how he will do it, because he never planned to do it and has no way of facilitating these promises. He couldn’t explain how Mexico would pay for the wall on the southern border; however, he likes how machismo it sounds and people like hearing it. They never cared about how, just that it was said. He didn’t care though, because the goal wasn’t to actually become President. The goal was to stay in the spotlight, and advertise his brand and continue the very long con.

During his campaign, he has diverted money from his campaign to his businesses. Used close to or over 2 billion dollars of free media, by constantly creating controversies to get free coverage. He constantly plugged his businesses every time he had a microphone. While in Scotland after Brexit, he used the media to advertise his business in Scotland. After the primaries, he went on a massive donation drive while virtually limiting his expansion of his campaign team. He’s raised millions of dollars while virtually doing very limited amount of advertising, very limited ground game, and very limited staff. Therefore, it’s unclear why he would need this much money except to campaign lavishly which is part of the very long con.

Poor to middle class people, common folks, are funding his campaign, while an alleged billionaire uses their money to fly around the country talking about people he hates, why he’s the greatest businessman to ever live, and putting money into his children’s and his endeavors. He continues to raise money, money that he can keep after election bills are paid, while literally throwing the election by not staying calm and on message. Trump enjoys the spotlight. He enjoys the fame and glory; however, he’s too intellectually lazy to want to be a President, hence, why this was all a business endeavor. Now, we find out that his campaign, son-in-law, has been in talks about starting Trump TV after this election season. The election is weeks away, not over yet, and already Trump is working on setting up the grand plan – capitalize on running for President, like he has during this very, very long con.

He never gave one damn about his supporters. They were the bridge to the final destination. He used them to get across to the end goal. He took money from people who were disabled, veterans, single mothers/fathers, everyday working people without any consideration for their financial well-being. He simply didn’t care about alleging to be a billionaire and taking money from people living paycheck to paycheck. While people continued to give, he continued to deliberately tank his campaign and playing on the emotions of his supporters by claiming any loss is because it’s rigged. Trump campaign are very aware that he’s losing in the polls, but pretend it’s not true so people keep donating until their last dime is exhausted on a campaign that has no interest in winning. He lies now and builds up that the election is rigged so he will never say he lost, it was stolen. Then he can start Trump TV where they bash Hillary daily as President, delegitimizing her presidency while making millions. He’ll never be looked at by his supporters as a “failure” and he’ll be able to continue brainwashing them daily. Which is part of the very, very, very long con.


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3 Comments on "EXPOSED: Trump’s Very Long CON!"

  1. Funny. I’ve always thought he was a complete con artist. He’s a liar and a charlatan.

  2. LMAO at these tweets! This guy shouldn’t be allowed to be President. He’s gotta be shut down.

  3. I agree. It has been one really long con from the beginning. He never wanted to be president. What a jerk.

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