Even if Trumpcare passes, it is still a failure.

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Here is a quote from the article:

The inability of Trump to be successful in this endeavor is not dissimilar to majority of his business practices. Trump steaks failed; Trump Vodka failed; Trump Magazine failed; Trump Airline failed; Trump water failed; Trump board game failed; Trump Mortgage Failed; Trump shuttle failed. Trump hotel in Canada has been auctioned off. His businesses have had to file for bankruptcy multiple times. Trump was never the winner he claimed. One of his tax returns showed he had close to $1 billion in losses in one year. He was forced to settle for $25 million for scamming people out of their money with the fake Trump University. What Trump has been successful at is lying to people saying he’s successful. People hired this man to be able to work miracles in Washington. He was hired to win and keep winning. None of that is happening.

To read more about and how it relates to the Trump Presidency and Trump’s past failure, read our entire article here.

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