Donald Trump’s enemies are his own party



The Trumpcare vote symbolized the beginning of the end for the and Trump’s short alliance. The D.C. establishment is a secret club where only those who are corrupt, dishonest, manipulative, shrewd, unwavering intellectuals can thrive. Trump does not fit into that club only because he’s anti-intellectual. He’s not mature enough for their liking; he’s not a snobbish political elite; he’s not a sophisticated guy. He has done serious damage to the GOP and our country as a whole and has been immune from consequences because GOP thought they had a useful idiot. They thought Trump could help them get bills passed that would usually result in a stall. The Freedom Caucus has always been difficult, but they thought Trump was the best negotiator who could get the Freedom Caucus to capitulate. However, the Freedom Caucus exposed Trump as incapable of negotiating a deal he claimed only he could accomplish. Now that his signature legislation was defeated he has been rendered virtually useless to the GOP. He has no value to them if he cannot negotiate a GOP agenda. Now that he has no value to offer them it is almost certain that they are the biggest danger to him.

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2 Comments on "Donald Trump’s enemies are his own party"

  1. I completely agree. He has big issues that won’t end any time soon. I’m going to hubpages to read the full article. Please keep up opposing Drumpf!

  2. I think this is true. They act like they like him but they dont like him at all.

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