Donald Trumps Biggest Problem

has run a very successful campaign this far; however, as many of the GOP establishment operatives and mainstream media, have relentlessly attacked him, he has slowly been declining in the Wisconsin poll.  However, he has had greater issues in the past and he has conquered and overcome them all. I don’t believe that is his issue in Wisconsin, nor do I think he will not get the nomination; and, I do not think the polls reflect what people think.  However, I do think has a big problem and if he doesn’t take care of the problem, he will suffer in the general Election, likely losing this election.

You may think that after saying that he has been successful, how can I say he has a problem. Right? Well he does. Trumps biggest problem is being so utterly uninformed. No matter what you think about him as a supporter or not, you have to realize that he is not informed on the issues related to governance of this great nation. He has been asked several of the same questions, repeatedly, and as of date he has not been able to come up with a substantive answer after all this time. 

He intends to be the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and he is utterly uninformed. Not because he doesn’t have the capability to learn, but because he is underestimating what it means to be President. Trump is entertaining, he is a ratings bonanza, he has made this election season very entertaining; however, it’s time to get serious. If you support him, you also are doing him a disservice by not asking him to research and study the issues that he will have to deal with as President. 

He has to understand the basic functions of Government; our relationships with other countries and the inner-workings of the agreements and treaties we have; he needs to be fluent on foreign policy; he needs to say more than better, best, greatest, win, win, win; he needs to be well versed about abortion; he needs to be well versed about immigration and immigration reform; he needs to speak more intelligently about the military and how he intends to protect and fight for our veterans; he needs to be more fluent when talking about healthcare; he needs to have more information when speaking about Common Core; he has to understand how Isis and radical terrorists operate and how to defeat them; he has to be well versed on how to build the economy and job creation (it is not just hiring and firing); he has to be able to speak intelligently about taxes and the tax system; he has to talk less about polls and delve into statistics and factual information that assists his own positions.

Trump is a brilliant person, I do not doubt that. I believe that he has been very successful in his real estate businesses; however, being President requires more than just business success. It requires more in depth understanding of this country and how we operate, as well as understanding how the world operates and how we exist within it. He cannot blatantly say we need a temporary ban on Muslim people, even if he feels that way. It’s hysterical and discriminatory, but even worse it creates greater animosity among terrorists, which puts more of us at risk. Even if he wants to build a wall, which I find more symbolic than effective, he cannot  just endorse this concept that Mexico will pay for it – it is very machismo, but totally impractical. Further, it’s still unclear if a wall is a deterrent to illegal immigration.

Trump will be facing either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton in the general election, both are very well versed on national and world issues. If he cannot show the voters that hiring him for the hardest and most important job in the world is a good decision, then he will not win this election. Protest votes will come out in droves and ensure he doesn’t get within five hundred miles of the White House. Winning the Republican nomination has been difficult for him, imagine what will happen during a general election.  If you support him, demand from him more. This isn’t reality tv, this is real life. He needs to sit down and inject the knowledge into his veins; otherwise, he’s got a big problem coming November! Time to study up Trump!

Does Trump Need To Study Issues More?

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  1. I think Trump is not smart at all. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and he thinks he does. He’s lied so many times we can’t keep up. His supporters don’t even care. It’s really dangerous what’s going on right now.

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