Donald Trump Blasts David Brooks – NYT

Well it looks like Donald Trump had an opportunity to read the article by David Brooks of the New York Times that specifically says – “No, Not Trump, Not Ever“. However, once Mr. Trump had an opportunity to read this article, it seems, he decided to return to his favorite avenue, twitter, to ensure that his supporters know just how utterly useless David Brooks is.

So, even though Mr. Trump acknowledges no affiliation with Mr. Brooks, as a matter of fact, he has never even met him; however, according to Mr. Trump, David Brooks is “the dumbest”, “clown”, “dummy” and has no “sense”. What Mr. Trump has proven is he has thin skin, hates criticism, and throws childish tantrums once anyone disagrees with his candidacy. David Brooks wrote an opinion piece, JUST RELAX Mr. Trump.

Is Donald Trump too sensitive?

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2 Comments on "Donald Trump Blasts David Brooks – NYT"

  1. It’s not like he can control what voters do. Trump draws more attention to these people with his tantrums.

  2. You forgot one thing Gotty.Anger MaDedemant.nuge’s got a hard time controlling his emotions & ends up reacting in a violent way.He’s gotta address that.

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