DNC is corrupt


Let’s face it, the () is corrupt.  While they pretend to be unbiased, impartial, and solely in existence for the purposes of coordinating strategies to support democratic candidates, it is totally void of credibility and impartiality.  During this campaign season it has become more and more evident that the DNC is set up to thwart the will of the voters and champion causes for their establishment candidates.  Senator Sanders has repeatedly exposed the DNC antics used to undermine his campaign and elevate Secretary ‘s campaign. For example, they would schedule debates during low viewership hours to assist Secretary Clinton.  The lower the viewership, the less criticism attached to Secretary Clinton’s deplorable record.  The creation of the super delegate system that undermines the “grassroots democracy”, essentially subverting the will of the people and creating a system by which the DNC can pick the democratic nominee of their choosing.

Further disingenuous is the accusation that the DNC have provided Secretary Clinton with preferential access to party data, at the expense of Senator Sanders.  Furthermore, , the chair of the DNC, is alleged to have a long standing relationship with Secretary Clinton – no, of course there is not a conflict of interest in that right? Wrong! It is also alleged that the DNC has engaged in joint fundraising efforts with the Clinton campaign which permits her to raise larger individual donations than usually legally permissible.

The DNC conduct has been nothing short of scandalous.  They are engaging in deceptive and covert tactics to ensure a Clinton nomination, despite the will of the democratic voters.  Despite their neutrality obligation, they have been less than neutral.  The problem with their conduct is that they have undermined the democratic process and overthrown the will of their base.  It may be time for a mass exodus out of the Democratic Party and the forming of a new party that is solely run by and for the people.  In the meantime, while many democrats are stuck in the party because of this corrupt two party system, Democrats must speak up and ensure their voice is heard.  Do not allow the overpower your rights as a citizen of this country.

Is DNC Corrupt

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2 Comments on "DNC is corrupt"

  1. This is why I am voting for Bernie. I want to leave the Democratic party if this continues.

  2. The rules have been in place forever. Bernie complains now only because he’s not winning.

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