Disingenuous media tried to silence Feel The Bern Movement – They Failed!

The media would like to spin as many favorable narratives for as possible in an effort to delegitimize the movement. They have repeatedly insinuated that because Hillary is leading in popular votes that the revolution isn’t coming. The one thing that remains true about the media is they are disingenuous. They push agendas and narratives that they think are economically expedient.

What the mainstream media will not tell you is that , the previously unknown Democratic Socialist is giving Hillary the fight of her life. In a country where the mere suggestion of socialism was equivalent to drinking draino with a touch of lemon juice, a Democratic Socialist is dominating the Democratic Party. Remember, when Bernie started his campaign he was 3% in the polls. Since that time, as a Democratic Socialist, he has amassed over 9 million votes in the primaries. He has won 19 states with contests still remaining. He has raised a record amount of money without taking any big money donors. His rallies bring in record numbers of people, even after he may lose a state. The media would like to persuade you that the movement and/or revolution isn’t happening. They are wrong, as they are so many times. 

Hillary events are so small it looks like a small family gathering. There is no enthusiasm for her by her supporters. Bernie supporters are way more enthusiastic for him than any candidate that has run this year and is still running, including . Bernie has been able to garner the support of millions of Americans despite the media’s obsession with everything stupid Trump says and their obsessive pandering to Hillary. Bernie did not get the requisite media attention because the media was too busy delegitimizing him until it was to late to turn back. Even after seeing the numerous crowds Bernie was getting, the media would rather cover empty podiums saying “Make America Great Again”. They relentlessly salivated every time Trump opened his lying lips. 

Despite all of the adversity Bernie has faced, he built a movement without the disingenuous media and they can’t accept that they failed or that their golden candidate cannot put away a bona fide and admitted Democratic Socialist. In a country where the word socialism is equivalent to drinking cyanide with lemons, a Democratic Socialist is defying conventional politics. He’s beating a household name – former First Lady, former NY Senator, and former Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton. The media’s won’t say this because of their shameful Hillary and Trump ass kissing cost them the little credibility they have left. Therefore, why would anyone listen to them when they pretend they aren’t seeing a real movement evolving and expanding right in front of their eyes! 

The Revolution is in full effect and the dishonest media knows it. The media couldn’t stop Bernie then and their continued poor coverage of him, their lack of veracity, their Clinton and Trump pandering, never hurt Bernie, but it will definitely hurt Clinton in the general. 

Bon voyage Mainstream Media – the movement is leaving YOU behind! FEELTHEBERN

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5 Comments on "Disingenuous media tried to silence Feel The Bern Movement – They Failed!"

  1. You could not have said it better. THEY FAILED! #FeelTheBern

  2. I don’t know why ppl say he was successful when he’s losing. It’s time for him to get out of the race. We are sick of what he’s doing. What does he gain by ruining Hillary? Nothing just more time to waste.

  3. He has a movement. I just hope that IF he doe snot get the nomination people will still fight. #FeelTheBern

  4. Jill Stein is the new Bernie. I think Bernie movement will never die. The people are awake now and know that our government is corrupt. You can’t act like they aren’t.

  5. great idea for a post, love it!

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