Dems WAKE THE HELL UP, you will LOSE to Trump!

Democrats have been deluding themselves with these unfounded beliefs that , the second most unfavorable candidate in history (Trump is 1) will mop the floor with Trump. STOP! Before you go any further Democrats you have serious flaws in that reasoning. If Democrats don’t get over their cocky stance on minorities (assume they will just vote for you) you will lose this election and it will be an utter, international, failure. 

One uniformed certainty is both parties bases, and Democrats are completely fed up with the establishment politics. Both parties are looking for an “earthquake” in Washington. They want to see the system implode and explode and anything short of that may lead to another civil war. While is living in her secluded bubble and completely out of touch with humanity, she has come across as the most inauthentic person to run for office. She cannot define any core beliefs, she basically gives a proposal for every single issue US faces, but no concrete proposal with any conviction. This, in and of itself, is disqualifying for many supporters who currently refuse to support Hillary and her ambition. 

The millennials do not like her and it cannot be dismissed that Bernie is dominating among them, our future. In addition, while Hillary is getting the minority vote now she is not getting the independents, men, millennials. Further, there are numerous liberals, like myself, that view Hillary so unfavorably that it’s impossible to ascertain what I would have to see to support her. With that being said, I don’t know anyone who grew a soul in less than a few months! Therefore, I cannot and will not vote for her. If it is Trump v. Hillary, I’m currently abstaining from voting for the first time in a general since I was able to vote. 

This position is not isolated. Many people are fervently on the same side of the aisle as I. Minorities feel they have been used just for their votes and now that places like Twitter and Facebook help facilitate movements and mass information distribution, it’s easier to reach minorities and encourage the openness to alternative ideology. Minorities that rallied around are not fervently in support of Hillary . The only candidate that can beat is Bernie Sanders. Nobody is voting for party anymore! We are voting on principles and passion. 

The most damning thing for Hillary is Hillary herself. Not matter how angry Trump may make you, he projects straightforwardness and swag. He’s exciting and charismatic, typical attributes for a narcissist. While we know Trump is pathological and his statements cannot be trusted (constant flip flopping), at the time he’s speaking on a subject you actually believe he is passionate about it. Further, to most, Trump doesn’t represent the hawkishness of Hillary. He doesn’t have a record of being an establishment guy, he used establishment to his advantage, but is an outsider (if you doubt this watch his campaign and tell me where you’ve seen this before). Trump also represent living flashy and big like the ‘s. It’s something people want to have but cannot. Usually these type of people worship those who have. Trump is funny as well, while Hillary is a stiff board. Her numbers lately have been bad as well. 

CNN and MSNBC can continue to act as her SuperPac because the more they do, the more people rebel. The more the media tried to malign Bernie, the more fervent his support. The minute media attacks Trump, the more his supporters get “bout it”! People aren’t just going to vote for a candidate because of party and/or because media favors a candidate/s. Democrats act like they are looking at the numbers, if so, then why isn’t rallying behind Bernie Sanders, the only one that can beat Trump! Democrats have become delusional. Hillary is so despised that the only person less despicable is Trump, but Trump is an outsider which people want. 

DNC if you think you can unify the party with Hillary at the top of the ticket – HASTA LUEGO! You will not see me with you when you cross the finish line in last place. WAKE UP!

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5 Comments on "Dems WAKE THE HELL UP, you will LOSE to Trump!"

  1. I don’t think Bernie or Hillary can beat Trump. They need a new candidate.

  2. Its like you read my mind! I was just saying this to one of my girlfriends. I think Hillary is uninspiring and I can’t see myself voting for her. Good article.

  3. BINGO! EXACTLY! That is why I am #BernieOrBust!

  4. Excellent blog right here!

  5. It’s weird reading this article after the election. Why didn’t the democrats listen to the people. I like Hillary but she was the wrong choice.

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