DEMOCRATS: Ossoff loss should be a wake up call! Are You Awake Yet?

Jon Ossoff, who ran as a in the Sixth District in Georgia, lost the election last night. He ran against a candidate that has all the qualities of a stray dog. He raised and spent $30 million for a House race to ultimately be defeated by a snake. However, Ossoff’s loss was predictable. The Democrats are in shambles as a party and no amount of money can compensate for their atrociousness.  They spent an obscene amount of money on this election and lost by more than did.

While I wanted Ossoff to win, in hindsight I recognize that a tone deaf Democratic Party wouldn’t have recognized how fundamentally flawed they are if Ossoff had won, which would lead to a wipe out in 2018. While Ossoff was running in a solid Red District, he should have been able to win, he didn’t win. He didn’t for a host of reasons and I can’t argue that it’s entirely his fault. However, the Democrats should see this as a wake up call. The party is dead and needs a resurrection. 

Here are my suggestions for you, the :


The DNC isn’t understanding that they have a very angry portion of the party that they must make amends with. That requires a conscious effort by the leadership. The DNC didn’t learn from the General Election. The detractors showed the Democratic Party, in the General Election, that they meant business and DNC failed to comprehend the true rage. STOP ignoring them.


The part of the angry base that didn’t vote for Hillary, will let Trump be POTUS for eight years, unless DNC can actually offer something tangible they can support. They are unwilling to go back to politics as usual. They want an inspiring message that involves advancing their interests. The oligarchy defense league has been disbanded. It’s time to create policies that help your constituents. 


Democrats are operating as if there isn’t a crisis. They need to spend less time at the cocktail parties and the elite fundraisers and spend time talking to the actual people who elected them. Democrats have become so detached from their base that they are now estranged. It’s time to invest in your own constituents. Speak to them about their concerns. Work on policies that will help the average American. Get to know your base, not the CEOs.


It’s time to apologize to Bernie and Jill Stein supporters who left the party. Sit down with them and discuss their grievances. You can’t have a rally with and pretend you’ve unified the party. Berners have become too big for even Bernie. They believe in certain policies and will not be persuaded by a corporatist agenda. You cannot force them to vote for a candidate they TOLD YOU they did not support. Apologize for marginalizing them throughout the election. Apologize for dismissing their concerns. Apologize for lacking neutrality during the primaries. You MUST apologize.


The greatest evidence that the Democrats are tone deaf is the constant placement of Hillary as the voice of the party. Stop putting Hillary out there as the voice of the party! That literally is appalling to millions of people. It also shows you are tone deaf. Hillary may be inspiring to her base, but she’s rejected by Berners and Trumpers. If you keep pushing Hillary as the voice of the party, people will develop convenient hearing deficiencies. She’s not universally respected. She’s mired in scandal. She’s incapable of introspection. She’s uninspiring to millions. She’s also dishonest. Democrats need to cut the cord on Hillary. She’s toxic. 


Hillary supporters who continue to taunt Berners and blame them for Trump. Brace yourself, bc you are ensuring Trump eight years. Also, the arrogance it takes to believe Berners or Jill are the cause of Hillary’s loss. That level of absurdity is unmatched. Democratic leadership should continue to emphasize the importance of not blaming others for Hillary’s loss. The taunting causes further resentment. Stop acting like you can win without these people. In some states Hillary lost by a few thousand votes. Stop the naivety. You need these voters. You won’t get them back if they feel offended. Cut out the blame game!


It is not enough to rely on Trump being detestable. You have to have an actual message. Who the HELL are you! Trump has a stronghold on his base and he also has a message. You cannot hyperventilate over everything Trump does. It’s ineffective. Find those policy differences between you and him and push those differences. People are tired of the hypersensitivity over Trump’s tweeting or irrelevant matters. Sooner or later even egregious things he does people won’t care about because you’ve saturated them with every minute issue. Figure out your message and hammer those distinctions between him and you. Why should we vote for you? Do you even know why anymore?


are much more loyal as a party. Irrespective of the issue, if it’s a GOP member, they will protect their own. Democrats can be very disloyal. They turned their backs on @Potus44 many times in his Presidency.  It is time to meet with all the Democrats in Congress and come to a consensus on what the party objectives are. Once you agree, then every Democrat must get on code! Stop the backstabbing and cowardice. Stand, united, for what you say you believe in.


Tom Perez should immediately be looking for his replacement. He is not respected by the base. He’s believed to be a pawn for the establishment. He will not be the person that helps Democrats win in 2018 if people continue to view him this way. It’s difficult to overcome a negative perception. He’s essentially doomed. He should get a replacement and not Keith Ellison. Keith doesn’t have the national pull to be able to deliver. They need an aggressive, vibrant, principled, determined, and untainted person. 

These are my suggestions to the DNC. If they don’t start listening to their base, they will lose their base. 


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